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Luxembourg Set To Become the First Country To Offer Free Transport

Should public transport be free everywhere?

People all around the world use public transport for so many reasons: school, work, activities, etc. But while they are very useful, they do take a huge chunk from your budget if you use them in your daily routine.

But Luxembourg is putting an end to this worry as it is going to become the first country with free public transport free. Despite its tiny population of 110,000 people, some 400,000, including those from the bordering countries of France, Belgium, and Germany commute to the capital city for work.

For his second term as prime minister, Xavier Bettel plans to lift the fares on trains, trams, and buses from summer 2019. This is such a bold move, but the idea would be very helpful to commuters, especially those who are commuting every single day.

The fares are currently capped at €2 (US$ 2.27), which is good for two hours of travel. The first-class ticket is €3 (US$ 3.41), and second-class is €4 (US$ 4.55). The young ones enjoy a free fare.

For those who want to avail the annual ticket for all public transport, which is called the “mPass,” all they have to do is to pay €150 (US$ 170.51). Annually, Luxembourg’s national public transport system costs about $1.58 billion to run.

Some portion of the expense of wiping out public transport fares will be secured by expelling a tax break for commuters. The move will also save the policing of ticket purchases.

Luxembourg City, the capital, suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in the world, with one study showing that drivers spent an average of 33 hours in traffic jams in 2016.

Traffic congestion and air pollution are growing problems, leading to lost working hours and serious public health issues. Could making public transport free for all help tackle these issues? For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


500-Year-Old Skeleton In Thigh-High Boots Found In London

Well, this is something you don’t see every day.

While constructing London's "super sewer," archaeologists discovered something odd near the shore of the River Thames. According to reports, they found a 500-year-old skeleton wearing thigh-high leather boots.

The “mysterious” skeleton was lying face down when it was unearthed. Archaeologists believe that the 500-year-old skeleton in thigh-high boots is a man and that he might have been under the age of 35 at the time of his death.


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Filipino Aborigine Tribe Carves Ornate Bikes Out Of Wood

Each bike is carefully carved from wood by its rider.

Most biker gangs usually dress in leather jackets to look cool or for protection. However, an Aborigine tribe in the Philippines like to live dangerously. This Filipino biker club can usually be spotted in their traditional clothes which look like colorful loincloths. In addition to that, these men cruise in amazingly ornate bikes made of wood.

The biker club is made up of men from the Igorot tribe in the Philippines. The Aborigine tribe is known for their native gear called 'bahag' and awesome ingenuity when it comes to carving wood. It's no surprise that the gang has started incorporating ornate designs to the wooden scooters they ride.

This is probably the most unique biker gang in the world.


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Dad Recreates ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Scenes With Daughter In Sweet Photos

These are beautiful!

Good dads will do almost anything for their daughters to make them feel special. So when one dad discovered that his precious little girl dreams about magic and wonder, he went above and beyond to deliver.

Photographer Josh Rossi from Salt Lake City, Utah made his daughter’s fairytale dream come true by transforming her into a Disney Princess. He surprised his three-year-old daughter Nellee and turned her into Belle of "Beauty and the Beast" for a photoshoot.


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