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‘Look Maggie, I’m Walking!’ Toddler With Spina Bifida Proudly Tells Dog His Achievement

Way to go, Roman!

In what might just be the sweetest viral video of all time, a toddler with Spina Bifida can be seen learning how to walk and showing off his newfound skill to his dog. The way he proudly shouts his accomplishments to his beloved pup is a guaranteed heart-melter.

Two-year-old Roman Dinkel has defied the odds by walking despite his birth defect. The young boy was diagnosed with spina bifida, myelomeningocele L3-S2, on his 20-week ultrasound.

A video of Roman showed him on his crutches with the family dog, exclaiming, “Look Maggie, I’m walking!” The clip touched a lot of hearts and it quickly went viral.

In a Facebook page that was put up by his parents to share his journey, Roman’s mom wrote:

“Not only did he walk all over the yard but then he walked across the street and down the road and turned around and came all the way back. Without any help from me! *Obviously I was right beside him if he needed me* but he didn’t need me! Not at all. He moves at a snail’s pace so we won’t be able to use them if we are in a hurry lol but I’m thinking we will be ditching the walker much sooner than expected!”

Although he fell a lot of times during the trial and error period, he never gave up. Now, Roman can walk using walking devices like a pair of crutches.

His mom, Whitney shared the seven-second clip of Roman on Facebook so people would see an update of his progress. So when netizens saw him proudly telling his dog that he’s walking, many were moved by it.

Some of the comments read:

“He’s so adorable and I’m happy he’s excited about learning something most of us take for granted every day! I cried typing this!”

“He’s so precious and yes we are so proud of you sweetie.”

“This little dude is fearless. Great job, family.”

Watch the video here:

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Runner With Broken Leg Crawls On Bleeding Knees To Finish Relay

This is so hard to watch.

A Japanese runner fractured her during a relay marathon in Fukuoka, Japan. But instead of giving up, Rei Iida bravely crawled so she could finish her part.

The shocking scene occurred at the Princess Ekiden All-Japan Inter-Company Women’s qualifying race in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture. In the video, the runner can be seen running in the race. The next scene, however, showed a different scenario as she was now crawling her way to tag and pass the sash to her teammate.


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Woman Donates Wedding Venue To Couple After Calling Off Engagement

“It was overwhelming … I had so many emotions that day.”

Bride-to-be Kolbie Sanders was scheduled to marry on October 20, at the Bellevue Wedding and Event Venue in Tyler, Texas. But just one week before her impending nuptials, she broke off her engagement and took to Facebook to share a now-viral announcement.

Kolbie took to the popular social media platform and told her friends that she wanted to donate her venue, which was valued at $3,500. But there was one catch: she only had 24 hours to find the couple — and they would have to agree to the same wedding date of Oct. 20.


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Writer Reveals Heartbreaking Story About Third Man In Famous 1968 Olympics Photo

“If we were getting beat up, Peter was fighting an entire country and suffering alone.”

People already know about the story of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. However, one writer decided to share the truth about the third man who stood with the athletes during the political demonstration.

Smith and Carlos became famous for their Black Power salute during the Olympic games in Mexico City. The athletes dared to stand up for equal rights when they were given their medals. Interestingly, the man who stood with Smith and Carlos also did the same, but in his own heartbreaking way.

Norman fought inequality in Australia and became an outsider in his own country.


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