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Sneaky 6-Year-Old Girl Shops $350 Worth Of Amazon Toys Using Mom’s Account

Now that’s a clever little girl!

Shopping has never been easier these days. Now, you don’t even have to leave your home to purchase anything because you can buy most things online in just a click away.

However, online shopping is quite tempting and addicting. And one six-year-old girl can attest to this. After getting a taste of what online shopping is all about, Caitlin decided to have a $350 shopping spree on Amazon.

A 6-year-old girl impressed the internet by secretly buying $350 worth of toys on Amazon.

Source: Ria Diyaolu

It all started when Caitlin was given permission to order a Barbie from Amazon for her birthday. Her mother supervised the whole transaction, so her mom thought everything was fine. But online shopping appeared to be pretty easy and tempting for the little girl that she couldn’t stop with just one toy.

Caitlin then made purchases of her own while her parents thought that she was still too young to understand the internet. It wasn’t until her large order arrived that they have learned what happened.

Ria Diyaolu, Catlin’s cousin, posted a picture of the toy delivery to Twitter where it’s been liked over 75,000 times. The young girl stood grinning next to a stack of at least six Amazon boxes.

The caption simply read:

“My badass little cousin ordered $300 worth of toys w/o my aunt & uncle knowing. This is a picture of how everyone found out.”

“I was so surprised that a 6-year-old knew how to do one-click, next-day shipping,” Caitlin’s cousin said.

Source: Ria Diyaolu

Diyaolu said:

“She knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. I was so surprised that a 6-year-old knew how to do one-click, next-day shipping … She’s a little scammer in the making.”

Caitlin’s cousin revealed that although she didn’t get grounded for what she did, the new internet sensation couldn’t use the internet for a month.


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There's a brand new internet challeng and it's based off of 1996's "Matilda."


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The pillow looks very accurate and disgustingly realistic.


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4-Year-Old Girl Throws Dad’s Phone Overboard Because He Won’t Quit Using It

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The scenarios may vary but the conclusion is the same: excessive gadget use can be a problem.

One dad learned that lesson the hard way while he was on vacation with his daughter.


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