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Little Boy Loses His Mind When Marine Brother Returns After 9 Months Deployment

We just can’t get enough of these sweet reunion moments!

It’s a recurrence now to capture in a video the moment of men and women from the military returning home after months, or even years, and reuniting with their family members. These clips are always filled with emotion and leave the viewer in tears, and this one is no exception.

A little boy had been living missing his older brother for the last nine months. Manuel Rubio went on tour with the United States Marine Corps, leaving his little brother missing their bond. So what’s the best way to make it up for the young boy? Surprise him, of course!

Little brothers always see their older brothers as their idol, inspiration, and role model. However, as they grow older, some of these brotherly moments had to temporarily halt due to the older ones’ careers.

One little boy had been hoping for the day when his hero returns from the United States Marine Corps. Since the family was aware of the boy’s excitement about seeing his brother again, they decided to give him the surprise of his life and didn’t say that his big brother would be coming home soon.

On the day that Manuel was set to return home, the family kept their secret and didn’t even mention his arrival to the little boy. They then captured the sweet surprise on video.

The unsuspected boy thought it was just any other ordinary day as he walked in front of his house while his family gathered their shopping bags from their car.

“Are you going to play soccer again today?” one of the women in the clip asks him as he shakes his head.

Then Manuel steps out from behind the family car, and that’s when the little boy lost it. His body trembled as he leaped into his big brother’s arms. He then shrieked and yelled, “Oh heck yeah! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

The rest of the family watches the encounter with tears in their eyes, and soon after, the boy’s words turn into loud, heartfelt sobs.

Watch the video here:


Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht To Bring Supplies To Wildfire Victims

He worked with surfers and paddleboarders to ferry relief goods to the victims on the Malibu shore.

Sometimes tragedies can reveal the most unlikely heroes. A billionaire decided to do what he can to help fellow victims of the recent California wildfires. He loaded up his $25 million yacht with supplies and delivered the goods to affected areas in Malibu.

Howard Leight was also one of the many California residents who was affected by the wildfires. The co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery actually worked to save his own property from the blaze. When the vineyard and his two homes were safe, the billionaire turned his attention to the other victims who were helpless against the tragedy.

The billionaire started the hashtag #malibuhope to help fellow wildfire victims.


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Woman’s Gut Feeling Helps Save Hiker’s Life On The Pacific Crest Trail

“I felt really compelled that I really needed to get help for her.”

A hiker’s multi-month journey almost ended in tragedy. But thankfully, the “gut feeling” of another woman she had met on the trail ended up saving the day.

A couple of weeks ago, Nancy Abell and Katharina Groene met on the trail in Washington State. Katharina shared to Nancy that she is going to continue to hike to the Canadian border alone. Nancy thought it wasn't a good idea.


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Mother Becomes A Donor For 50 People Just 8 Hours After Giving Birth

A devastating tragedy took the young mother away from her newborn baby but also saved several lives.

Some sad stories can still have happy endings. A young mother suddenly passed away just eight hours after giving birth to a healthy baby. However, she also became a donor to 50 other people and managed to save several lives.

Megan Moss Johnson's life started off with a difficult start. At age 15, she was diagnosed with myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscle. Luckily, she found a donor and received a heart transplant that saved her life. Since then, Megan supported the movement and even signed documents so her own organs can be used to save more lives.

Megan and her husband Nathan before the birth of their baby.


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