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Lazy Dog Guards Sheep In His Own Unique Way

Work smarter, not harder!

They say that the lazy ones always find a creative way to make life easier for themselves. An awesome dog proved this when he was tasked with guarding a flock of sheep. The clever pup managed to do his job and put in some leisurely time for himself.

The video was taken in Fordongianus, Italy. The tiny dog was reportedly tasked with guarding the flock while the owners went about their day. However, when they arrived to check on the sheep, they found that the lazy pooch has found his own unique way to complete his job.

“What are you looking at?!”

The little dog is certainly having the time of his life. He’s hanging out with friends who don’t seem to mind carrying him around. In addition to that, he gets to lie down on the job on a fluffy bed of his own.

He might look lazy but the pup is serious about his job. He barks at the person recording the video as if to warn them to stay away from the flock. However, he simply cannot be compelled to leave his comfortable spot.

The adorable little genius continued to stare at his audience but the sheep clearly had other plans. The flock began moving away, taking the lazy pup with them.

“Time to move away from these nosy humans.”

People were undoubtedly impressed by the dog’s awesome style in guarding the sheep. “That’s actually pretty smart! Making himself appear bigger to predators than he really is!” one comment read. “Very clever dog knows he can see further and thus guard better from higher up…. honest!” wrote another admirer.

Some fans believed that the pooch was barking because he wanted to keep his job. “The dog is barking saying, ‘Get lost, you are going to blow a good thing I have going here!'” they wrote.

He might not be working too hard but it’s safe to say that this pup is, as they say, on top of everything.

Watch the lazy dog guarding his sheep below:

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Awesome Man Uses Go-Kart To Carry Firewood Down Busy Highway

Mario Kart, anyone?

People will always find creative ways to get the job done. One awesome man decided to use a tiny go-kart to transport firewood. He showed off his impressive driving skills on a busy highway.

A motorist found the man on the streets of Brazil. They couldn't believe the sight and immediately recorded the awesome fellow as he maneuvered the go-kart down the highway. Needless to say, it was like a real-life Mario Kart but without the mushrooms and banana peels.

Big bus? Throw a Koopa shell at it.


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Guy Gets Trolled After Asking His ‘Crush’ For Sexy Shower Pics

He really thought it was his lucky day!

Ever experienced sending a text message to a wrong number? If you have, then you know how awkward and embarrassing things can be when that happens.

Take it from a guy named Jon who was massively trolled by a texter he thought was a girl called Lyn. He totally had no idea he was texting the wrong person – someone who’d troll him without mercy, apparently!

Jon absolutely didn’t know he was texting Michael Butane the entire time. And their exchange has since went viral on social media because of how hilarious it was. At one point, he even asked “her” for racy pics on the shower – and “she” gave him a little tease before doing the grand reveal. ...

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Cat Gets Confused By Its Own Ears In The Mirror

“What are these little pointy things on my head?!”

Have you ever looked in the mirror and your reflection simply shocked you? A cat has just discovered that it has pointy little ears when it saw a glimpse of itself in a mirror. The adorable kitten was thoroughly confused with its own appearance.

Mimo is a Scottish Straight that also happens to be an internet sensation. The little cat's owner recently recorded Mimo seeing himself in the mirror. The video confirmed that the kitten recognized himself right away. However, it also showed the poor Mimo being confused by his own pointy ears.

This adorable cat can't get enough of his own reflection.


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