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Kid Pulls Pants Down Thinking Family Made Him Invisible

He must have regretted that decision.

After an invisibility prank video went viral, many people have attempted the fun yet cruel trick and shared their efforts online. While most victims ended up crying their hearts out, some were enjoying themselves being invisible.

It is quite hard to convince someone that they’re invisible. However, if the trick is planned really well, there’s a high chance that the target would believe it.

A video of Sammy quickly became viral after he believed that his family made him invisible. They recorded the 13-year-old boy sitting down on the sofa beneath a sheet that was being held by this older brother.

Once the sheet was lifted, everybody exclaimed in shock that Sammy was “gone.” Since he can still see himself, the boy didn’t believe them.

But when his brother took a picture next to him and the photo showed that he was not in it, that’s when Sammy believed the whole thing. What he didn’t know is that his family already took a picture beforehand.

And just like that, his family has somehow convinced him that he is absolutely invisible and they can’t see anything he’s doing or feel it when he touches them.

The trick completely worked as Sammy goes as far as mooning is family, thinking they can’t see it! Unfortunately for him, they can see it, and so did all the viewers who clicked on the video. He’s lucky he didn’t pull his shorts all the way down.

If you’re wondering if Sammy figured things out in the end, his family eventually told him the truth. The last part of the video description revealed:

“After we supposedly brought him back we showed him the video and told him that we could actually see him the whole time and he told us that we were mean because we tricked him.”

Watch the video here:

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Amazing Boxing Match In India Ends In Double Knockout

So who exactly won this match?

Boxing is undoubtedly a technical sport. Although one fighter manages to throw all the punches, his opponent could still get a technical win. But what if both fighters end up on the ground? That's exactly what happened in an amazing match in India.

The shocking boxing match starts off with the two fighters throwing matches. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. However, at one point, they draw closer to each other then suddenly both men fall to the ground.

These men are in the most memorable fight of their life.


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Funny Moment Dog Picks A Treat And Instantly Regrets His Poor Decision

His face says, “I regret everything!”

Have you ever made a decision that you instantly regretted? One adorable dog thought he was getting an awesome treat. However, he immediately discovered that he could have gotten so much more.

The hilarious video opens with the cute Labrador retriever being offered to choose between two hands. He quickly picks the left fist and is rewarded with one treat. However, when the other hand is revealed, his reaction is pure regret.

Guess which one has a treat? That shouldn't be so hard for this pooch.


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Neighbor Captures Man Struggling To Catch His Pet Rabbit

So did he catch the naughty bunny? Check out the full video here!

For those who said that pets are like kids, they were not joking. Animals are cute and all, but taking care of them is not always easy.

They may fool us with their irresistible cuteness, but they sometimes give us a lot of headaches. However, this guy chasing his cute little bunny proved that a pet's unruly behavior most of the time ends up being hilarious.


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