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5-Year-Old Nigerian Child Hailed As New ‘Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ On Instagram

Instagram netizens are praising her “stunning eyes” and “doll-like” features.

Social media netizens over at Instagram are hailing a 5-year-old Nigerian child as the new “most beautiful girl of the world.” Her natural beauty has left many stunned and her pictures went viral after attracting thousands of likes and comments.

The photos were uploaded online by Mofe Bamuyiwa who works as a lifestyle and portrait photographer in Lagos, Nigeria. In one of the images, Bamuyiwa described Jare, the young girl, as an angel.

“Oh yes she’s human! She’s also an angel,” wrote the photographer in a caption.

According to Bamuyiwa, he positioned the girl in a more mature pose in an attempt to capture “the interception between her childhood and adulthood… so both stay timeless!”

“I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through their eyes,” he also added.

Bamuyiwa hopes Jare, who is currently 5, would remember to recreate the picture with “the same pose and style” once she hits 21.

The photographer is quick to admit that he was surprised by the reactions Jare’s photos have generated.

In a Yahoo Lifestyle feature, Bamuyiwa said:

“All I want is for everyone to see Jare’s powerful potential. … I want the photo to speak to her when she has reached her adulthood.”

Jare is the new Barbie, according to many netizens.

One instagram user said Jare is “very pretty” and that her eyes are “very captivating.” Others added she looks “absolutely stunning,” often pointing out that she has “doll-like” features.

Meanwhile, Bamuyiwa added Jare actually “isn’t a professional model.” He also said that two of the girl’s sisters, 7-year-old Jomiloju and 10-year-old Joba share the same “striking features and strong characters.”

Jare’s viral fame later prompted her mother to create an Instagram page for her and her sisters who are now known as The J3 Sisters.


How To Start And Have A Great Tinder Conversation

Are you ready to swipe right on Tinder?


Tinder has become one of the most widely used dating apps today. You can have your match, chat with someone and take it to the next level by going out on a date with that interesting person you just met. However, that would only be possible if someone swiped right on your profile.

The dating app has studied users' data and the results have been translated into strategies to have a better dating experience. If you haven't had luck on Tinder, consider below tips from the company itself.

#1 Upload smiling and close-up photos.


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10 Signs He’s More Like A Friend Than A Boyfriend

#10 makes a lot of sense.

Ever wondered why you love a guy with all your heart but still can’t seem to see a future with him? Well, maybe because you’re just not meant to be.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with him or with you and it’s just that you’re both are not meant to be lovers. Here are ten signs that he’s good for friendship but not for a romantic relationship.

1. Your whole relationship is just based on jokes, laughs, and complaints about life.


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New Clark City: The Philippines’ New Metropolis That Can Withstand Disasters

The stunning new city also uses “lahar” in the best possible way.

It looks like the Philippines is determined to rise above all of the nation's troubles with a hopeful sign of the future. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) has just unveiled plans for a sprawling new metropolis that is set to withstand all types of natural calamities. Interestingly, the new city also promises to make use of the haunting reminders of the country's most devastating disaster.

It has been confirmed that the Philippines is currently working on a back-up city around 100 kilometers away from the current capital Manila. The new metropolis is expected to feature government offices that can remain open when Manila is struck by natural disasters like flooding, typhoon, or earthquake. The city, which is being called New Clark City, also intends to be pollution-free and house around 1.2 million people.

New Clark City is expected to host the Southeast Asian Games in December 2019.


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