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77-Year-Old School Janitor Was A Former NASA Designer

One man proves that first impressions don’t tell the whole story.

Students at Knoxville, Tennessee’s Coulter Grove Intermediate School have learned a valuable lesson — never judge a book by its cover. It’s so easy to judge other people by the way they look or by their profession. However, one man is another reminder to all of us that there’s always more than meets the eye.

Besides, most people who see Maury Forrester cleaning the halls at Coulter Grove Intermediate School don’t know about his previous career. Decades ago, he was under contract to help NASA put a man on the moon.

The 77-year-old is a highly-trained electro-mechanical designer. He used to design very important components in the aircraft. But in 2014 Maury suffered a stroke and was left with no choice but to quit his job for the sake of his health.

But despite the humbling circumstances that got him from space exploration to where he is now, Forrester wouldn’t change a thing.

He said.

“I went from being an electromechanical designer to being a janitor and it was probably the best decision I ever made.”

Even though Maury claimed that the incident was humbling and embarrassing at first, he now realizes that it was a blessing in disguise. The job which he initially took just to get out of the house now brings him joy, purpose, and fulfillment. He has truly become a part of the school’s community.

Many people at the school know him for his smile and positive attitude. However, most at Coulter Grove do not know Maury used to work for elite companies like NASA, General Electric, SpaceCo.

“You never know what people have done,” one student said. “I was surprised,” another one stated. One student then shared, “It makes you wonder, how did he get here?”

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Daughter Captures Nurse And Ailing Father Doing A Sweet Duet

Onion ninjas did it again!

A singing nurse at Bronson Hospital lifted the spirits of a Portage man on hospice care by serenading him while he was receiving treatment in Bronson’s cardiac unit. Nurse Brenda Buurstra found out that Robert Olson liked the song "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone, so she sang it to him.

The nurse and patient quickly bonded over the classic song. Robert even gathered all his strength to do a sweet duet with Brenda.


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Man Starts Amazing Weight Loss Journey After Neglecting Body For 10 Years

“It is at this point I no longer refer to it as weight loss but as life gain.”

One man is reminding everyone that it is gratifying to take care of ourselves. Not only so you would look good, but most importantly is for you to feel good about yourself.

Nicholas La Monaco finally decided to take control of his life after neglecting his body for ten long years. He gained a lot of weight on the process and lost a lot of self-esteem. But he has decided enough is enough.


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25 Wholesome Pictures That Will Give You Happy Tears

Good things still happen every day!

We are so used to seeing negative moments and activities on television and social media that we sometimes forget that there is still so much good out there. People are actually not that bad like the media portray them.

It’s human instinct to care for other people. Be it our family members, friends, or strangers — when we feel that we can give them a helping hand, we do it. Here are 25 wholesome pictures that will surely make you smile — or tear up.

1. When trust is beautifully rewarded.


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