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Parents Left 5-Year-Old Daughter Alone Outside The Cinema To Watch ‘The Nun’

“The Nun” is obviously more important than “The Child”.

We love movies. Some of us would even go to great lengths just to watch the latest hit movie. But choosing to watch a movie while your 5-year old daughter is waiting outside the cinema by herself? That would certainly raise a lot of eyebrows.

A photo of a 5-year-old girl sitting on a chair outside a cinema recently went viral because her parents allegedly left her outside so they can watch “The Nun”.

The little girl had to wait outside the cinema hallway for 2 hours.

The family went to the mall to watch “The Nun” with their daughter and two adult companions. But to their dismay, the movie was classified as PG-13, which means the daughter, who is just 5 years old, wouldn’t be allowed to go inside the cinema.

Nelson Mendoza shared in a Facebook post how the poor little girl was made to wait outside the cinema after her four companions, including her parents, went inside to see a horror film rated R-13.

The cinema management offered to refund the tickets they bought.

However, in a move that defied logic, the parents, along with their two companions decided to continue and watch the movie.

The parents left their daughter outside the cinema by herself.

Not only did they hurt their daughter’s feelings by leaving her outside and have her wait for 2 hours while they’re enjoying the film, but they also risked their daughter’s safety by leaving her by herself in a crowded mall.

No parent in their right mind would leave their daughter alone outside the cinema. The poor little girl could be kidnapped or taken by unscrupulous individuals.

Apart from the irresponsible actions of her parents, Mendoza also expressed his disappointment with the cinema management. He ranted about how they are so strict when it comes to food being taken inside the cinema, yet they allowed a 5-year-old child to be left alone outside by her parents to watch a movie.

The post immediately went viral with 65,000 shares.

Lots of netizens are bothered by the parents’ decision to leave the little girl outside.

Some said that this behavior is punishable by law.

WTF!!! seriously? One adult could have easily made the “sacrifice” of not watching the fu#%*< film. They should be reported to Child Protective Services. This is abuse.

Child endangerment. Punishable under the Philippine family law.

Others commented about the behavior of the parents.

The parents of this girl is badly affected by the humanextremestupjdity virus. They are probably brainless by now.

I’m so disgusted ! What’s wrong with these people !

I think it’s time for us to remember that “the sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior, the real sign of great parenting is the parent’s behavior.”

THE NUN v. THE CHILD. BOTHERED & CONCERNED.This poor, five-year old girl was made to wait outside the cinema…

Posted by Nelson Mendoza on Sunday, September 16, 2018


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