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Intermittent Fasting Helped Mom Lose 85 Pounds In 7 Short Months

Janelle Wright is the perfect example of what the 16:8 diet can do to your body.

Losing post-baby weight can be difficult for most mothers. However, one determined mom has managed to shed up to 71 pounds only six months after the birth of her daughter. How did she do it? She bought herself a treadmill and took up intermittent fasting.

Janielle Wright is a 28-year-old mother based in Toronto, Ontario. She admits that she was already overweight before having a baby and had difficulty losing the excess pounds. In January this year, Wright finally decided that she would take control of her weight. This is when she chose intermittent fasting to be her new diet plan.

Wright chose to take her time with her weight loss journey.

Intermittent fasting allows you to eat what you need but to always follow up with a fast. There are several diet plans to choose from but Wright opted for the 16:8 diet. The time restrictive diet let her eat normally within an eight-hour window then fast in the next 16 hours.

It’s not enough to simply fast then eat unhealthy food. Wright decided to cut her carb intake and opted for lean meats, egg whites, fruits, and vegetables in her diet. However, the time restrictive diet is not the only thing that helped her shed the excess weight.

The hot mom stresses the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day

Wright bought a treadmill but didn’t force herself into a rigorous workout right away. Instead, she eased into exercising by walking 15 minutes every day.

Once her body got used to the workout, she started walking for 30 minutes then turned it up to 45 minutes.

Wright’s recent Instagram post reveals that she is down to 251.5 pounds

So did intermittent fasting and a light exercise work for Wright? The young mom has already lost 85.5 pounds in just seven months. There is little doubt that Wright will continue to inspire people to take control of their weight with her awesome posts on her Instagram account @janiellewright.


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