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12 Insanely Beautiful Train Rides You Should Try In Your Lifetime

You wouldn’t mind long hours of travel if you get to see the stunning views from the window.

Traveling by train not only happens to be an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to flying but also an opportunity to enjoy the world’s breathtaking and wildest scenery. Going on a long journey by train gives you time to think, chat with a friend (if you’re not traveling solo), and enjoy your food in peace, all while you are being offered a stunning window view of nature.

The train journey becomes a time for you to relax as you go at a slow pace. Here are 12 insanely beautiful train trips that should fuel your wanderlust.

#1. Canadian Rockies Railway, Canada

The Canadian Rockies Railway in Canada runs from Alberta to British Columbia.

Source: Alan Vernon

Passengers get to behold the beauty of the UNESCO heritage site as well as shale and limestone peaks and the serene icy landscapes.

#2. Copper Canyon Railway, Mexico

Source: EarthTripper
The Copper Canyon in Mexico is four times larger than the US's Grand Canyon.

The Copper Canyon Railway may be the simplest way to get a glimpse of the natural formations but is definitely the most spectacular route to take. The train runs from Los Mochis to the Copper Canyon, passing through 87 tunnels and over 37 bridges.

#3. The Flåm Railway, Norway

The Flam railway is a delight for tourists.

Source: Eurail

It courses through the wild Myrdal mountains in Western Norway. The trip can be quite short – about 55 minutes – but gives you all the view you can take in – from remote Nordic farmhouses, cascading waterfalls and striking mountain slopes.

#4. The Sky Train, Tibet

Source: Tibet Travel
Eighty percent of the journey via Tibet's Sky Train (54 hours from Guangzhao to Lhasa) will be made over 4000 meters above sea level.

Getting on an adventurous trip with this railway will literally take your breath away. Because it’s cruising at high altitudes, the train is equipped with a ventilation system that has supplementary oxygen. This way, you don’t have to worry about breathing easy while enjoying views of yak herds, icy plateaus, and snow-capped mountains.

#5. The Blue Train, South Africa

This is the luxury train journey you may want to take when in South Africa.

The Blue Train’s windows are tinted with gold and floor tiles are made of marble. The carriages are so sophisticated, it can pass as lavish hotel suites. It also has a butler service. All these features, as well as the wildlife spotting opportunities, make the Blue Train popular among prominent people.

#6. Trans Siberian Railway, Russia

Russia's Trans Siberian Railway will always have a spot when it comes to a list of scenic train rides.

The railway spans some 6,000 miles, making it the world’s longest railway line. It is almost always included in an avid traveler’s bucket list. Since it passes Russia, Mongolia and China, it offers a memorable transcontinental experience.

#7. Cusco to Machu Picchu, Peru

The famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu are among the most popular and most coveted tourist spots.

To get to the historical site, one should be ambitious enough to hike up the Andes and make a nauseating climb 200 meters above sea level. If you’re not up for that kind of adventure, there’s always a more comfortable way to get up the mountains, which is via train. Just imagine the lush scenery you’ll be seeing on your way up.

#8. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland

A luxurious journey gives you an exclusive visit to private homes, romantic castles and distilleries.

Riding on the Royal Scotsman railway gives you nature scenes like gloomy cliffs marshlands, calm lochs, and of course, the ever famous and gorgeous Scottish highlands.

#9. The Glacier Express, Switzerland

Enjoy the views of the Alps or get to your ski resort via the Glacier Express railway, which is sometimes considered Europe's most beautiful train route.

Spending 8 hours from Zermatt to St. Moritz, this route courses through 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges.

#10. The Coastal Classic Train, Alaska

Many other routes in Alaska have become popular but the Coastal Classic lived up to its name.

When it comes to the class beauty of nature viewed along the Alaskan railroad, this is the trip you need to be in.

Marvel at the sight of glaciers from Kenai Mountains, acres of alpine hills, glacial landscapes and the opportunity to spot Beluga whales on the Turnagain Arm coast.

#11. The Palace on Wheels, India

India has been known for its busy yet stunning train rides that are thankfully cheap.

One railway line named Palace on the Wheels lives up to its name. Well-dressed attendants, lively decor on the cabins and saloons, this railway line is the luxury train in India you don’t want to miss.

#12. The Ghan, Australia

Source: Adeel Ahmed
The Ghan is famous for being one of the most incredible train journeys in the world.

Running from Adelaide to Darwin (south to Northern coast), this remarkable railway line gives you the beauty of nature at its finest. During your trip, you get to see fascinating, vibrant aboriginal settlements, red desert, and a stopover at Alice Springs for tourists wishing to see the Uluru (Ayers Rock).

Which one is your favorite?


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