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Apparently, High-Heel Crocs Are Now Being Sold Online

And yes, people are actually buying!

It’s an odd fashion idea that no one probably saw coming and needed. Yet someone eventually came up with it and now it’s out in the market.

Of course, we’re talking about high-heeled crocs! Several netizens have spotted high heel Crocs being sold on Amazon and yep, people are actually buying.

Who knew high-heeled Crocs would be a thing?

Source: Crocs

As the product description tells us:

“This version has an elegant strap design with a little more top-of-foot coverage and attractive metal hardware around the collar.

“You’ll appreciate the subtle elastic on the straps for a more forgiving fit. And we know you’ll like the Croslite foam footbed for all of the cushion and comfort it delivers.”

Crocs’ Cyprus V Hell has a price tag of $55 per pair – and it’s currently sold out.

Source: Crocs

One buyer review tells us:

“Great to have a Croc with a heel able to walk in and wear for a length of time.”

Another wrote:

“I loved the shoe so much that I wanted to purchase another one, but unfortunately they had sold out. These are the most comfortable and coushiony shoes ever. You just have to get used to the bumpy surface on the sole of the shoe. It is made to stimulate circulation, I guess, but at first it was a bit uncomfortable, than you break them in and oh how wonderful they are!”

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a more expensive version, Balenciaga’s $855 high-heeled Crocs.

Source: Balenciaga

According to Balenciaga:

“Balenciaga casts the classic Croc slipper in a punk-ish new light for SS18.

“In a whimsical bubblegum-pink hue, the front is decorated with a selection of irreverent pop-culture charms including logo plaques, avocados, flags, and pug faces to create an effect like a fridge of souvenir magnets.

“Take advantage of the high platform sole to lift an ankle-skimming dress.”

Somebody tell me what the heck is happening in the world right now!


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