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Heroic German Shepherd Conquers Fear Of Water To Save Girl From Pool

We don’t deserve dogs!

Some dogs are just too special for the world. A heroic German Shepherd recently tried to save a girl while she was swimming in a pool. Interestingly, his act of bravery is made even more awesome by the fact that he is terrified of water!

Kaiser is a one-year-old GSD who is proving that you don’t need a lifeguard when he’s around. His owner Lauren Bright was taking a video of her friend playing in a swimming pool when the pooch sprang into action. Kaiser quickly jumped into the water and grabbed the girl by her hair before pulling her to the shallow part of the pool.

The heroic pooch didn’t even hesitate when he saw his owner’s friend in the pool.

It is important to point out that the girl was not drowning. However, that didn’t stop Kaiser from trying to save her life and bring her to a safer part of the pool.

Kaiser’s actions were considered heroic by netizens who couldn’t get enough of the viral video. However, Bright explained that he tried to save his owner’s friend because of his own fear of the water.

“A few months prior to this video, Kaiser was terrified of water. He fell in a creek around 4 months old when the water was freezing, so he wouldn’t go near water for a long time. Then in spring, I started to get him to follow me in the water. After many pool and pond visits, he conquered that fear.”

Can you imagine that this dog used to be terrified of the water?

It’s an amazing backstory for a truly heroic effort. However, it gets even better. Bright revealed that Kaiser was never taught to save people and had acted on his own instincts.

“He also was never trained to ‘rescue’, and this video just so happened to be filmed the very first time he had ever jumped in and swam Bria to safety.”

Do we even deserve dogs like Kaiser? There is little doubt that this awesome pooch is a true hero in his own right.

Watch Kaiser in action in the full video below:

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Emotional Moment Man Finds His Lost Dog Homeless in the Street After 3 Years Searching

To see him go from curled up on the ground and looking so sad to jumping and yelping with joy, what a delight.

Some reunions can be truly beautiful. One man finally found his lost dog after searching for him for three years. The pup's reaction to seeing his owner is so joyful that anyone will truly shed a tear.

Giorgi Bereziani of Tbilisi, Georgia lost his beloved pet Jorge in 2015. Bereziani did everything he could to find the dog, from putting up ads to searching the streets on foot. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the pooch until Bereziani got a call that would change everything.

This poor pup is about to see his dream of reuniting with his owner become a reality.


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Police Officer Buys Homeless Man Food After Seeing Him Digging Through Trash

We need more of this kind of police offer!

The internet is praising a Salt Lake City detective for extending an act of kindness to a less fortunate citizen. While most people in the United States see police officers as being without any sympathy, Detective Overman is being praised for his mercy and compassion.

The police detective was spotted helping a homeless man he found digging through the trash looking for food. A citizen then took a snap of Detective Overman buying lunch for a fellow Utahn who was down on his luck and posted it on Facebook.


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Retired Pianist Performs For Old, Handicapped Elephants

Music can truly soothe the tired soul.

What do you plan to do when it's time to retire? One pianist decided to continue performing to a captive audience. However, his listeners are made up solely of elderly elephants.

Paul Barton has been playing for the elderly animals of Elephants World, a sanctuary in Thailand. The 57-year-old pianist decided to move to Kanchanaburi and volunteered to perform for the old elephants who used to serve as logging and trekking animals.

The animals at Elephants World are sometimes injured and handicapped.


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