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Uber Driver Builds Hello Kitty Car To Find Future Wife

“I’m doing this to find my future wife. I simply ran out of ideas for how I was going to find her.”

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right is never easy. Although it’s not that hard to find someone that you are attracted to, looking for the person that you have a genuine connection with is certainly not just a walk in the park.

With that said, one man decided to create his own path to romance instead. Logan, who is an Uber driver based in Los Angeles redecorated his car for the sake of love.

The 28-year-old transformed his SUV to “Super Fast Uber,” which is hard to miss in the streets. No, he didn’t paint it in blinding bright yellow nor did he add sparkles on it – he turned it into every Hello Kitty fan’s fantasy car.

Desperately wanting to find the woman of his dreams, the former race car driver felt that the Hello Kitty vehicle would increase his chances of meeting more people and eventually finding his wife.

Logan explains his unusual approach in finding his bride in an interview:

“I don’t work in an office; I don’t like hanging out in bars, you can’t talk to anyone in clubs because the music is too loud, I don’t play sports… my lifestyle is not conducive to bumping into my soul mate.”

Logan said that his lifestyle is not so ideal in finding a partner. In a world of social media, a lot of couples have met through some popular platforms, but Logan is not one who spends his time staying in one place and using his gadgets.

He shared:

“My life has always been very different than most, and I’m not exposed to the common networking environments in which most find their significant other. I’m either bungee jumping off a tower, hanging out of a helicopter, or relaxing in my Airbnb.

However, Logan notes that his Hello Kitty car is not only meant for finding a wife, but also to make other people happy, saying that his “secondary goal was to build a rolling joy machine.”

There is no update if the Hello Kitty car finally helped Logan in finding a wife.


Woman Gets A Tattoo Of Her ‘Chandelier Fiancee’ On Her Arm

“Our relationship just went from strength to strength.”

Chandeliers are so beautiful, which is why some homeowners purchase them to add elegance to their places. However, Amanda Liberty from Leeds took her love for the branch ornamental light fixture to the next level and got engaged with one.

As if that’s not enough, the British woman wanted to show her love for the 91-year-old chandelier by getting a tattoo of it on her arm. Despite already being engaged to the century-old chandelier named Lumiere, Liberty has gone one step further to show how committed she is by going under the needle for one and a half hours.


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‘Time Traveler’ Claims Philippines Will Be A Crime-Free ‘Giant Utopia’ By 2030

What do you think about his prophecies?

Time travel is considered impossible at this time. However, films, TV shows, and animations have made us wonder what it would be like to have that option.

But one man didn’t have to wonder about these things as he claimed to be a time traveler himself. A YouTube video that showed the bright future of the Philippines quickly captured the attention of netizens because of the unbelievable “prophecies” it consists.


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Man Can Lick His Own Forehead And Claims To Be The Only One In The World Who Can Do It

Can’t argue with that.

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal is famous in Nepal, thanks to an amazing ability. No, he can’t fly nor fight bad guys with his eyes closed, his 'super power' is more unique than that — he can lick his own forehead.

The 35-year-old school bus driver from the city of Urlabari claims that his tongue is the world’s longest and that he’s the only one who can do the bizarre act. Well, I don’t think anybody is trying to take his title away.


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