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Heartless Mother Throws Newborn Twin Girls From A Moving Car

How could a mother do this to her babies?

A shocking incident revealed that a mother in the Philippines may have possibly thrown her twin infant girls from a moving vehicle in Negros Oriental. Miraculously, one of the girls survived and was rescued. Her sister, however, wasn’t as lucky.

The other twin, who was clearly smaller and weaker, already turned gray when she and her sister were found near the road. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

A shocking and heartbreaking video shows one of the babies crying while another one wasn’t moving. Local residents quickly aided the surviving twin while waiting for the ambulance.

Lea Gutib, who was one of the people who helped the babies, said:

“The little girls were so beautiful, so small and so fragile. I could not believe when we found them. One girl was not breathing but the other was stronger, she had a good color and was moving around. She looked like she was crying out to people for [help].”

Lea then shared her disappointment and frustrations to the mother for abandoning her newborn twin daughters, saying, “I cannot understand how a mother can do this to her children. This will haunt her every day for the rest of her life.”

According to local media, the one surviving girl was rushed to the hospital and taken into the maternity ward where she has been under observation for the last week.

Another local Jean Miral said:

“It’s so beautiful to see the little girl alive and think about how she was saved. But she will always be without her twin sister. It’s so sad, and it makes me so angry when I think about a grown-up person who has done this to their children. I am praying that the baby girl who survived will be cared for by a special family who loves her.”

Watch the video here:

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Missionary Killed With Arrows By Endangered Tribe He Tried To Convert To Christianity

Reports are saying that the culprits couldn’t be persecuted.

An American missionary has recently been slain by an endangered tribe. According to reports, he bravely went to their remote island with an intention to convert them to Christianity – he ended up getting rained by arrows instead.

27-year-old John Allen Chau went to the North Sentinel Island of the isolated Andaman Islands in India. Apparently, he paid local fisherman to take him there on a boat and then he eventually went there alone using a canoe.

American missionary John Allen Chau, 27, wanted to preach the gospel to an isolated tribe.


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Chinese Police Busts Criminal Gang Selling Fake Durex Recycled From Used Condoms


Chinese authorities discovered a counterfeit-condom ring that is both shocking and disgusting. The gang is recycling used condoms and sell them to motels, supermarkets, and vending machines at a much lower cost. They made $7 million out of this.

Police have arrested 17 people and seized more than 500,000 boxes of counterfeit condoms in a crackdown in Eastern and Central China. The fake rubbers are packed in boxes printed with major brand names like Durex and Okamoto.


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Teenagers Are Setting Themselves On Fire For Likes In New Social Media Challenge

This is the most dangerous social media challenge to date!

Social media challenges are certainly an easy way to boost your popularity, but at what cost? Teenagers are currently setting themselves on fire as part of a dangerous new trend. Unfortunately, most of these children are ending up in the hospital with severe burns and life-threatening injuries.

The Fire Challenge is the new social media craze that is gaining popularity. It was inspired by YouTuber 1BlazinEagle1, who recorded a 2012 video of being doused in alcohol and setting his chest hair on fire. The video has already earned thousands of likes, inspiring aspiring social media stars to copy the act.

The latest social media challenge is ridiculously dangerous yet teenagers keep trying it.


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