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10 Heart-Shaped Natural Formations Around the World

There is, literally, a heart in nature.

Heart-shaped designs, landscapes, and architecture often create the most beautiful sceneries. Heart shapes become even more special when they are part of natural formations.

If you are a fan of the heart shape, you will find these landscapes fascinating. Here are 10 beautiful heart-shaped formations that will make you love nature.

1. Heart-Shaped Mangrove, New Caledonia

Made famous by Yann Arthus Bertrand, an aerial photographer, this heart-shaped formation on a mangrove swamp is a beautiful sight to behold.

2. Heart Reef, Australia

This reef in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a fantastic coral formation that naturally turned into the shape of a heart.

3. Isla Corazón, Ecuador

Located on Ecuador’s Chone River estuary, the Isla Corazón is a natural heart-shaped mangrove forest.

4. Heart-Shaped Meadow, UK

This heart-shaped meadow surrounded by oak trees in the south English countryside was created by a farmer as a memorial for his wife that he lost 17 years ago.

5. Heart-Shaped Island, Brasil

Located in the middle of the mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River in northeastern Brazil is this beautiful heart-shaped island.

6. Meadow in Trittau, Germany

Although it does not look like a heart from the ground, this heart-shaped meadow in Trittau, Germany is a beautiful sight from the sky.

7. Galešnjak, Croatia

This island is located between the islands of Pašman and the town of Turanj on mainland Croatia.

This heart-shaped island is one of the world’s rare naturally-occurring heart-shaped formations.

8. Lake in the Amazon Jungle, Brasil

This lake in the Amazon jungle is a fascinating view from the sky, but only a few people have really been to it.

9. Lake McKenzie, Australia

Lake McKenzie is a heart-shaped lake with really pure water located on the Fraser Island in Australia.

10. Heart-Shaped Wood, UK

Formally known as the Brokengill plantation, this heart-shaped wood is a patch of trees on the face of a hill near Tebay in Cumbria, England.

These heart-shaped formations are really lovely and fascinating. Make sure to include these places in your bucket lists!


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