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Guy Finds Massive Python Trying To Get In His House

Meanwhile, in Australia…

This is definitely not the type of thing you want to see when you’re outside your house. However, it’s exactly what greeted Australian homeowner Robbie Knills of Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast one day – a huge python.

According to reports, Robbie was “hanging out his washing” when he spotted the serpent which measures about three meters in length. He took a video of the encounter and you can see how fast the snake climbs.

This will totally scare me!

In an interview with myGC, Robbi shared:

“I didn’t know they could climb houses like that – five minutes later and I would have got the scare of my life. I am glad it was me hanging out the washing because the wife would probably never do it again if it was her.”

He continued:

“(The python) has lived in the rafters of the shed for about six months but with this warmer weather he has woken up a bit and decided to look for food.

“I was looking after a butcher bird that had a broken wing and was feeding him but he has gone missing.

“He is closer to three meters long when he’s stretched out and not all flexed-up.”

Understandably, netizens freaked out when the video eventually went viral.

Someone commented:

“I would burn my house down. And all the neighbours just to make sure.”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Despite the experience, Robbie said he acually found the serpent to be a bit friendly.

He said:

“I freaked out the first time I saw him but then after a while I got used to it. He just hangs out. He comes out and sees me when I’m working in the shed…

“He was on the shed door once and wouldn’t get off so had to get him down and move him. Normally when he is on the top of the garage door I can just poke him and he moves over so I can open it.”

“I don’t trouble him and he doesn’t trouble me,” Robbie likewise pointed out.


Apparently, There’s A Thing Called Uncombable Hair Syndrome – And It’s Very Real!

Yup, it sure does exist.


Have you ever heard of Uncombable Hair Syndrome? It is a rare genetic condition which is also known as Spun-glass hair syndrome, Cheveux incoiffables or Pili trianguli et canaliculi. Only about a hundred people worldwide have been documented possessing it. This usually occurs to someone after acquiring two copies of gene mutation both coming from parents.

Taylor McGowan, an 18-month-old baby, has UHS. Her mom, Cara McGowan, would jokingly call her a mini Albert Einstein because of the similarities of their hair.

Meet Taylor McGowan, one of the very few in the world with Uncombable Hair Syndrome.


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Man With The World’s Longest Fingernails Finally Cuts Them After Six Decades

But he didn’t want to just say goodbye to those talons – he wanted them to be memorialized!

You may have remembered the man who broke the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest fingernails. India's Shridhar Chillal earned his fame for not cutting his fingernails and letting it reach a collective length of around 29 feet 10 inches. But after 66 years of taking care of them, he finally decided to cut them.

The 82-year-old started growing his extremely long fingernails when he was just 14. After accidentally breaking a teacher's nail and getting scolded for it, Chillal decided to grow his fingernails for the next six decades.

Chillal first made it to Guinness in 1979 and was officially declared as the record-holder in 2015.


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Sign Of The End Times? Facebook Live Video Shows “God” Walking In The Sky

Some viewers believe this video captured “God” walking in the sky!

Are the end times near? This is the question asked by some people after seeing a Facebook Live video where, they believe, God revealed Himself to people.

While Facebook users use the social media’s Live feature to broadcast almost anything that they do or see, a recent Facebook Live of a woman from Tuscaloosa, Alabama has inadvertently caused a stir online after those who have seen it pointed out that there was something supernatural about it. After all, Solo Dolo, the person who used the Facebook LIve feature, only intended to show the extreme weather conditions happening in her area.

Solo Dolo wanted to highlight the bright patch of light in the middle of storm clouds.


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