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Newly-Erected Skyscraper In China Looks Very Familiar

We really don’t need to explain what that is supposed to look like so just watch the video instead.

A skyscraper in China is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its very unusual yet familiar appearance. Guangxi is famously known for its terraced landscape, so it was the inspiration for the newly-opened Media Center in the southwestern province – but that’s not what most people see when they look at the building.

The new Guangxi New Media Center is already very hard to ignore as it is unique and huge. But the main reason why people can’t stop talking and mocking the gigantic building is because of its uncanny resemblance to the male genitalia. The building looks like a giant pe nis with a pair of testicles.

As if The Guangxi New Media Center looking like a giant version of male genitalia is not enough, a mock video made it even more embarrassing by adding some NSFW effects.

Video footage of the aerial shots of the Guangxi New Media Center was shared on a popular video-sharing platform in China called Douyin, and it garnered a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. While the illuminated building looked spectacular, no one could really deny the fact that it looks like a man’s private part.

The Douyin user also digitally altered the clip, adding some fireworks to the top of the phallic-looking building as if it was shooting heart-shaped rockets.

A spokesperson from the Guangxi Broadcasting and Television Network Company commented on the viral video, saying that it was fake. The spokesperson noted that the Guangxi New Media Center was still under construction and it’s not allowed to shoot up fireworks on top of a building.

“We turned on the lights on the façade of the building and it showed the image of the moon. Some web users photoshopped extra lights, others photoshopped fireworks and fountains onto it.”

Watch the mock video here:

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Guy’s Bizarre Water Tricks Involve Regurgitated Water

That’s one way to recycle water!

We are all trying to conserve water as much as we can. However, one man is taking recycling to a whole new level. His bizarre magic tricks involve regurgitating water and are not for the faint-hearted.

The video starts off with the man easily drinking a huge bottle of water. He doesn't seem satisfied with the drink and requests for another jug, which he quickly finishes. At first, it doesn't look like much will be happening. However, the guy has a truly bizarre trick up his sleeve.

This man is about to blow your mind with a truly weird magic trick.


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Florida Man Travels 300 Miles To Headbang Against Hurricane Florence


Sometimes, a great hero emerges when you least expect it. The man who once took on Hurricane Matthew by headbanging against the strong winds has decided to take on Hurricane Florence. This time, Florida Man had to travel 300 miles just to wave the American flag in the face of the powerful storm.

Lane Pittman rose to fame as "Florida Man" when he posted a video of himself headbanging to Slayer's "Raining Blood" on the streets as Hurricane Matthew raged on in 2016. Pittman had every intention to face Hurricane Florence although Florida was relatively safe from the storm. To do so, Pittman had to start a GoFundMe page so he could fight Florence in the most awesome way possible.

Pittman fearlessly took on Hurricane Florence despite warnings to stay indoors.


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Batman Pulled Over By Cop To Take Selfie With Batmobile

This is not your average traffic stop.

No one is above the law - not even Batman. A video has gone viral after it shows a police car pulling over a replica Batmobile in Brompton, Canada.

It's not every day that you see a superhero in action. What can make it even more interesting? The fact that a police car was behind him, telling him to pull over.


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