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Guy Kisses Hot Lady In Public But Gets Disappointed After Learning Her Name

Kiss a hot girl on cam? What could go wrong, right?

A quick question for the guys out there: Would you kiss a hot girl if you were given a chance? Sure, that would be an easy “yes” for most guys but how would you react if you later found out that the girl, uhm, isn’t completely who you think she is?

That’s exactly what happens in the hilarious prank video below which has been going around the internet for quite a while now. You may have probably seen this on your social media feed as it has been reuploaded by numerous pages but if you haven’t clicked it yet, you’re missing on a good dose of laughter.

Wearing a suit and tie, this host may seem pretty harmless but beware, he has a sinister trick up his sleeves.

He approached strangers on the street and invited them for a challenge – to kiss this lady for up to 5 times.

Roughly translated from Spanish, the video description tells us:

“I come to propose the following … to have a good relationship between Chile and Uruguay … We have won the last matches … You give a kiss to the flag and I let you give 5 kisses to the model where you want.”

Those who grabbed the opportunity, however, had the surprise of their lives.

Kiss a hot girl on cam? What could go wrong, right? This guy went all out for it!

Meanwhile, this naughty dude didn’t even go for the lips.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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It should be pointed out, of course, that part of what makes the prank funnier was the infectious laughter that can be heard in the background everytime. Not surprisingly, the video has likewise earned a lot of laughs and funny comments on social media.

There’s a lesson for everyone of us in here somewhere, folks.


Random Cat Goes Viral After Crashing Fashion Runway and Stealing The Show

Now that’s a literal catwalk!

It was like a bad dad joke waiting to happen and when it did, it was totally satisfying to witness. We’re talking about this entertaining incident which recently went viral on social media featuring a cat who totally stole the spotlight during a fashion show. And yes, the kitty did its own version of the catwalk!

The event was the Esmod International Fashion Show and it was held in Emaar Square Mall in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Out of nowhere, a cat invaded the floor and started cleaning herself, fighting the models, and then – like a real boss - began showing them how it’s supposed to be done.


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20 Impressive Recreations Of Childhood Photos

#16 is too sweet!

We all have a nostalgic feeling when we see our childhood photos and we can't help but think about the fun moment when that snap was captured. Now that we’re older, we had become busier and busier that we just can’t do the things that we did when we were younger.

However, some people took the initiative to relive their childhood memories by recreating old photos. Here are 20 adorable times people recreated their childhood snaps.

1. Age is the only change here.


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Donkey With Amazing Voice Sings For The Man Who Regularly Brings Her Treats

Somebody get this donkey on The X-Factor!

Some animals are just full of surprises. An adorable donkey has forged a friendship with a man who regularly brings her treats. As if to say thank you for the kindness, the furry animal began singing for her friend.

Martin Stanton has been visiting the donkey near his home in Ireland. Stanton admits that he immediately adored Harriet although the animal barely made a sound. However, that changed one day when Harriet saw her friend arriving with the usual treats.

Harriet poses with her good friend Stanton.


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