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Floating Pipe ‘Wilson’ To Start Collecting Plastics In The Pacific Ocean

This is such an amazing idea!

A floating pipe called “Wilson” is slated to begin its mission to clean the Pacific Ocean from plastics. Last month, Ocean Cleanup Foundation launched the 2,000 foot-long floating pipe from San Francisco.

The apparatus will help get rid of plastics and other debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch located between San Francisco and Hawaii. The U-shaped pipe is reportedly more than twice the size of Texas.

“Wilson” has a net underneath it, which is three meters deep. It is designed to catch plastics that are floating under the water’s surface. Thanks to an array of sensors on board the boom, a message will be sent to a central office when it has reached full capacity.

A boat will come by every couple months to haul the collection away. The plastics collected will be brought to shore and recycled into new products.

At present, the oceans of the world harbor around 150 million tonnes of plastic, with that number only set to grow in the next decade.

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Ocean Cleanup founder and CEO 24-year-old Boyan Slat said:

“That plastic is still going to be there in one year. It’s still going to be there in ten years … It’s probably still going to be there in 100 years, so really only if we go out there and clean it up this amount of plastic is going to go down.”

The Dutch environmental start-up conducted a final series of trials earlier this month to be sure if the apparatus will be properly deployed in the Pacific Ocean.

The company said in a statement:

“The coming months will give System 001 plenty of opportunities to prove itself, and we are hopeful that it will continue to pass the tests.”

This new type of garbage disposal could have real impacts on climate change as well as the fishing industries and tourism, which are prominent in both San Francisco and Hawaii.


Elderly McDonald’s Worker Receives $69K In Donations After Wife Passes Away In Restaurant

A beautiful story of friendship, generosity, and rising above tragedy.

It's truly amazing when an entire community decides to work together to help someone in need. An elderly McDonald's worker has just received $69,000 in online donations to help pay for his debts. It's an incredible show of generosity that happened just two months after the employee's wife passed away in the same restaurant he's worked in for 40 years.

Wendall Gill has been making customers smile at the McDonald's in Lexington, Kentucky for several years. Unfortunately, the 85-year-old worker was hit with tragedy in September. Gill's wife Della visited him at the restaurant so they could eat lunch together. Della went to the bathroom, where she suffered an aneurysm and passed away. Now Gill's customers are the ones who are working to bring his smile back.

This man is helping his elderly friend in the best way possible.


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12 Fascinating Facts About The Queen’s Guards

#7 is too hard.

If you've ever been to Buckingham Palace, you've probably noticed the armed guards wearing the bearskin caps standing sentry. These aren't your average security guards roaming through shopping malls; they are the Queen's Guards.

The British royal family has captured the curiosity of many people, including the stoic soldiers who guard Her Majesty. Here are 12 things you never knew about the Queen’s Guards.

1. Those guns aren’t usually loaded.


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Woman Blocks Black Man From Entering His Own Apartment, Gets Fired From Job

“To be a black man in America, and come home.”

After BBQ Becky, Permit Patrol, and Pool Patrol Paula, another instance of a person of color getting unfairly targeted and harassed for simply living their lives have made headlines recently. Apparently, a black Missouri man was literally blocked from his own apartment building by a white fellow resident who refused to believe he also lived there.

D’Arreion Toles, who took and posted the now-viral video on Facebook, shared his dismay in the situation. After learning about the incident, the company that the woman worked for has immediately terminated her.


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