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First Wife Became Best Friends With Husband’s Other Wives

The story is becoming stranger by the minute.

There’s nothing scarier than a woman’s wrath when she finds out that her man is with another woman. There will only be a few wives (or girlfriends) that would not go after the other woman because most would do anything to stop the forbidden romance.

However, one wife in Thailand just doesn’t mind sharing her husband with others. In fact, she even became best friends with them. Strange, you say? Definitely. But it’s exactly what’s happening in Waraphon Pruksawan’s household.

Waraphon Pruksawan shared photos of herself, her husband, and his three other wives on Facebook. Naturally, the unconventional “family portraits” have caught a lot of attention on the social media platform.

Although seeing all these wives together in one place is already bizarre, what makes the photos even more surprising is the fact that the ladies looked genuinely happy. They appeared to have brushed the jealousy aside and learned to get along for the sake of the man they love.

If you have heard of the story first and not see the pictures, you would think that the first wife might be old. She may have allowed her husband to find a younger wife because could not give him what he wanted anymore.

But, no. Pruksawan and the three other wives appear to be in the same age bracket. They are quite young, possibly in their early or mid-20s. And that fact made this scenario even more mind-boggling.

These women are young, sexy, beautiful, and could get any man that they wanted all to themselves. However, they chose to share one.

Clearly, the arrangement is so unusual that even Pruksawan’s friends were wondering why she allowed this to happen. The first wife then explained that she loves her husband so much and wants him to be happy. If he’s attracted with other women, then she would rather know about it than finding out that he pursued them behind her back.

As if that’s not bizarre enough. Pruksawan claims that she is involved in choosing her husband’s other wives. She wanted to make sure that she can get along with them.


California Teacher Arrested After Forcibly Cutting Student’s Hair

She was singing the national anthem and could face three years in jail for the incident.

This is probably not what these teenagers expected in chemistry class. A high school teacher was arrested in California after forcibly cutting her student's hair. Strangely, she was singing the national anthem during the incident.

The incident took place at the University Preparatory High School in Visalia, California where Margaret Gieszinger called a male student to the front of the class. Once the teenager sat down on the chair she prepared, the teacher began chopping off chunks of his hair. As she did so, she sang the national anthem while throwing the hair behind her. Gieszinger was "removed" from the classroom and arrested after another student posted a video of the incident on Reddit.

He might be smiling but that young man is terrified of his teacher.


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Photographer Posts Picture Of Himself Making Love On Great Pyramid

Is this art, or total disrespect?

While there is nothing wrong with trying to be unpredictable in your photos, there are things that are just unacceptable, disrespectful, and illegal. However, Andreas Hvid did it anyway.

The Danish photographer shared a video featuring himself and an unidentified female climbing Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, smoking, and then taking their clothes off. As if that’s not enough, he also posted a picture of them making love on top of the national treasure.


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Uber Driver Builds Hello Kitty Car To Find Future Wife

“I’m doing this to find my future wife. I simply ran out of ideas for how I was going to find her.”

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right is never easy. Although it’s not that hard to find someone that you are attracted to, looking for the person that you have a genuine connection with is certainly not just a walk in the park.

With that said, one man decided to create his own path to romance instead. Logan, who is an Uber driver based in Los Angeles redecorated his car for the sake of love.


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