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World’s First Personal Hoverbike Now Available For Pre-Order

Princess Leia and Ewoks not included.


The time has come for anyone who dreamt of cruising in a Hoverbike since seeing Return of The Jedi. Hoversurf has created the world’s first personal hovering vehicle. It’s currently available for pre-order but doesn’t come with your own personal Princess Leia or band of Ewoks.

The Hoverbike S3 2019 has a carbon fiber body and looks like a traditional quad bike with four heavy-duty propellers. The model also promises new ergonomics on the pilot’s seat so you can sit comfortably at any height. The bike’s weight is 114 kg (253 pounds) but it can still hover properly. You can still reach an altitude of 16 feet and go up to the maximum speed of 96 km/h (60 mph or 52 knots).

The world’s first Hoverbike will start rolling out in 2019.

Source: Hoversurf

If you’re worried about the safety, rest assured that the S3 2019 has a flight computer consisting of 3 separate blocks connected by CAN bus with its own processor. In addition to that, the hoverbike has an external information display, a tuning system, Auto-takeoff, Auto-landing, manual and RC control.

It’s an awesome investment if you have the cash. The S3 2019 retails for $150,000 and is currently available for pre-order. Just note that there is a $10,000 reservation deposit. However, this also puts you in line to receive your Hoverbike when it becomes available in 2019.

Who hasn’t wanted a speeder bike since watching this iconic ‘Star Wars’ scene?

Hoversurf is clearly committed to making dreams come true. The company’s first Hoverbikes are just the beginning.

“We give people the opportunity to overcome obstacles on their way and quickly move around in space, solving the problems of traffic and environmental pollution. Today we manufacture and sell hoverbikes – flying motorcycles that finance our new developments. This initial investment is a prelude to a more ambitious project. The world’s best experts from different countries have joined our team and together we are using the latest technology to build transportation infrastructure for flying motorcycles and cars.”

It’s certainly ambitious but we’re rooting for them. Now if we could just find our very own Star Wars Endor to speed around in, everything should be perfect.

Watch the Hoverbike S3 2019 in action in the video below:

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