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This Company Is Selling Christmas Lights – For Your Beard!

The company assures you’ll be the “coolest guy at the Christmas party” if you have this.

Christmas, as the song says, is the “most wonderful time of the year.” In many countries, it is definitely a very festive season with holiday-themed decors and displays seen in houses, stores, and almost everywhere.

These days, however, Christmas lights are no longer exclusive for trees and establishments. As it turns out, you can buy one for your beard.

Yes, you read that right. You can now buy Christmas lights for your facial hair!

Source: Firebox

Firebox company is “selling beard fairy lights that flash” for only $14. The battery-powered lights, the site says, has a pack that’s “small enough to hide and clip onto your facial hair.”

Meanwhile, the product description tells us the Beard Lights is a set of “18 multi-colored nano LED lights” and “each of the heat-less lights are suspended on a 90cm cable that clips onto your beard painlessly.” They’re just like “normal fairy lights” but smaller so they “nestle comfortably in your face fuzz.”

Firebox guarantees you’ll be the “coolest guy at the Christmas party” if you have the Beard Lights.

Source: Firebox

The company, however, warns you should not use the festive accessory if your beard is wet or if it is raining outside.

Several customers over at Amazon left, uhm, glowing reviews for the Beard Lights.

Source: Firebox

One buyer wrote:

“Absolutely hysterical and was one of the main talking points during Christmas in our house. Lovely bright LED’s, good functions and apparently the clips were comfortable!”

Another said:

“Bought as a joke gift for Christmas for my daughters husband who has a very bushy beard. Thought the kids would love it.”

Also, someone shared:

“Brilliant product, bought for my hairy son. Lit up his night shift!”

In case you’re interested to buy Beard Lights either for yourself or a loved one, you can go check out the Firebox website.


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