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Facebook Will Soon Allow Users To Delete Sent Messages Within 10 Minutes

This will save you from epic embarrassment!


Ever experienced that awful moment when you suddenly realized that you’ve mistakenly sent the wrong message to a wrong person on Facebook Messenger? That can be really awkward (or even extremely humiliating) especially if the message is supposed to be confidential.

Well thanks to an upcoming update, you just might be able to save yourself from epic embarrassment. According to reports, Facebook Messenger will soon give its users the option to delete sent messages for up to 10 minutes after the said message has originally been sent.

Sounds like a lifesaver, you say? Well read on and learn more about this awesome update.

Twitter netizen Matt Navarra spotted the forthcoming update listed in the release notes of the new 191.0 version of Facebook Messenger on the App Store.

Matt shared:

“INTERESTING… Facebook Messenger’s long-awaited delete messages feature will only give you a 10 minute window to remove a message in a chat.”

The notes said that Facebook Messenger has a lot of “new features” they are “planning to introduce in the near future” and one of which, as indicated in the “Coming Soon” portion of the announcement, is the chance to “remove a message from a chat thread after it’s been sent.”

The notes further mentioned:

“If you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or message the wrong thread, you can easily correct it by removing the message within ten minutes of sending it.”

Source: Pexels

As of present time, Messenger users can only delete messages they sent from their own inbox. Meanwhile, recipients of the message can still see them.

In comparison, WhatsApp allows users to unsend a message over an hour from both the sender’s and recipient’s inboxes. While the Messenger update is obviously way shorter than that, it can still be a useful tool for erasing any embarrassing messages you may have mistakenly sent.

So yeah, we’ll take it! This is still better than nothing!


Small Tech Firm in China Launches World’s First Foldable Smartphone Ahead of Samsung

Moreover, the device has been getting lots of positive reviews!

It's official, folks! Samsung's foldable Galaxy X smartphone could no longer be considered the first in the world. As it appears, the highly-anticipated device from the South Korean tech giant has been beaten by a new product from a small Chinese firm.

Royole Corp's FlexPai has been released ahead of Galaxy X and what's even more amazing is that tech reviewers are now raving about it. The device features a 1.8-inch plastic screen that's capable of a 180-degree twist. At a San Francisco event, The Verge and Mashable were able to test the FlexPai and both have declared that the smartphone's folding technology really works.


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Two Dads Invent Boob-Shaped Baby Bottle To Help Mothers With Easier Feeding Time

The Nanobébé heats breastmilk much faster and is easier to use for infants.

A baby's feeding time can be time-consuming and difficult for most parents. Luckily, two awesome dads decided to invent a special feeding bottle that can easily warm breast milk and comfort infants.

Ayal Lanternari came up with the idea while trying to feed his son in the middle of the night. The young father thought there might be a faster way to heat the milk so he could feed the baby sooner. Lanternari pitched the idea to his friend Asaf Kehat and the two dads came up with Nanobébé, the feeding bottle shaped like a woman's breast.

These awesome dads came up with the amazing invention that can help in breastfeeding.


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Facebook Will Soon Let Users Add Music To Their Profiles

Remember MySpace and Friendster, anyone?

Facebook is set to introduce a new update that sounds exactly like a blast from the past. According to reports, the social media giant will soon allow its users to add songs to their profiles – which is not very different from past Facebook competitors such as mySpace and Friendster.

In a Mashable report, we learn that the new feature will make it possible for users to add music to their profiles either in a “new dedicated ‘music’ section or at the top of their profile if they choose to pin a song.”


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