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5 Eye Problems That Could Lead To Serious Illness

Never ignore any of these symptoms!

Although it is one of the most used organs in our body, people often overlook their eyes. Needless to say, your eye health should be something you need to watch out for. Besides, even minor irritation or discomfort could lead to serious eye illness.

Experts recommend that you should get a comprehensive eye exam at least once in every two years. Although this is common for people who need prescription glasses, you still need to get an exam to be sure about your eye health.

Here are five common eye problems that could lead to serious illness if you ignore them:

Healthy eyes rarely get irritated

1. Red or dry eyes

We normally get red eyes because of allergic reactions – or if someone is chopping onions nearby, at least. However, redness can also be a symptom of dry eye syndrome where your eyes are unable to produce enough lubricating tears. You can use artificial tears to get rid of the symptoms. If the redness and dryness continue, it is best to see an ophthalmologist.

2. Burning sensation

There are several possible causes if your eyes are constantly irritated and you feel a burning sensation. The irritation could be caused by styes developing on the eyelid that need to be drained through compression. However, it could also mean that you are suffering from blepharitis where the oil glands near your lashes get clogged. Another possible illness is a case of photokeratitis, which is basically a sunburn on your eye.

Watch out for eye freckles

3. Eye freckles

If you notice a different pigmentation that looks like a freckle or a mole on your eye, it could be a bad sign. Experts say these could actually develop into melanomas and need to be looked at immediately. Interestingly, some of these eye freckles develop in the back of your eye. Make sure to ask your ophthalmologist to check for freckles when you get an eye exam.

4. Cobwebs and flashes of light

It’s normal to see cobwebs in your eyes every once in a while. They are actually the vitreous body in the back of your eye that turn into liquid as you age. However, if you are seeing more floaters and flashes of light, this could be a sign of retinal detachment. This could lead to blindness so it is best to see your ophthalmologist right away.

Don’t wait too long to get an eye exam

5. Double vision

If you are seeing double in only one eye, this is a sign of a possible cataract. It could also mean you have some retinal issues.

If you are experiencing double vision in both eyes, it is an indication that your muscles aren’t properly aligned. This is even a possible symptom for stroke or brain tumor.


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