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Woman Grows Fingernails For Four Years To Win A Bet

“I call them ‘my babies,’ as they are four years old and I take care of them as I would do with babies.”

Not all people can grow their nails long since chores, and everyday activities can easily break them. However, one woman managed to grow her nails up to 12cm (4.7 inches) long. The strange part? She didn’t do it because she wanted to have longer nails but only because she wanted to win a bet.

A friend started a bet with Elena Shilenkova, saying that she couldn’t grow her nails extremely long – so she did. Since some people love proving others wrong, the Russian YouTuber and blogger did precisely what her pal said she could never do.

Elena said:

“My nails are now the longest I have had; I have been growing them for four years and three months. It started over a bet with my friend, and now everyone is just used to my ‘long nail’ status. I call them ‘my babies,’ as they are four years old and I take care of them as I would do with babies.”

The 35-year-old Russian woman didn’t only win the bet, but she has broken a record of growing Russia’s longest nails.

Although Elena revealed that she refuses to swim in the sea, play tennis or wear gloves despite Russia’s freezing temperatures just so she won’t break her “babies,” she noted that it’s not all difficult having super long nails.

“I don’t have any problems with the things I do daily; I just do some things in a different way than most people. For example, I would say that my way of typing is a little bit different. I just need to constantly control all my movements.”

Elena said that the most she’s worried about is breaking her nails in her sleep. She admitted that her nails do break sometimes, but she always managed to fix them. She also takes vitamins to keep her nails strong.


Heartless Mother Throws Newborn Twin Girls From A Moving Car

How could a mother do this to her babies?

A shocking incident revealed that a mother in the Philippines may have possibly thrown her twin infant girls from a moving vehicle in Negros Oriental. Miraculously, one of the girls survived and was rescued. Her sister, however, wasn’t as lucky.

The other twin, who was clearly smaller and weaker, already turned gray when she and her sister were found near the road. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.


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Student Discovers Schoolmate Has Been Copying Her Instagram Posts For Two Years

Why would people do this?

A university student was shocked when she found out that another student had been cloning her social media posts for two years. Chloe Cowan found out that one girl had been mimicking her pictures and “stalked her to the extreme.”

Although similar posts on social media are not avoidable, the copycat with the name “Honey Basra” took things to a whole new level. Not only was she following Chloe's outfits and poses, but she also copied her captions.


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Missionary Killed With Arrows By Endangered Tribe He Tried To Convert To Christianity

Reports are saying that the culprits couldn’t be persecuted.

An American missionary has recently been slain by an endangered tribe. According to reports, he bravely went to their remote island with an intention to convert them to Christianity – he ended up getting rained by arrows instead.

27-year-old John Allen Chau went to the North Sentinel Island of the isolated Andaman Islands in India. Apparently, he paid local fisherman to take him there on a boat and then he eventually went there alone using a canoe.

American missionary John Allen Chau, 27, wanted to preach the gospel to an isolated tribe.


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