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Edible Water Pods Could Soon Replace Plastic Water Bottles

Mother Nature will thank us for this.

Planet Earth has around 50 billion plastic water bottles being used every year. Approximately one billion of those plastic bottles pollute the oceans.

Skipping Rocks Lab has created edible water pods they called “Ooho!” And it could very well be the solution to our plastic problem. The product is made from a seaweed extract and is tasteless, although flavors can be added to it.

The edible water pods can be eaten whole after peeling the outer layer of the package – just like a fruit!

Source: Ooho
But the package doesn’t have to be eaten every time since it’s also compostable and can be bitten into and thrown away.

Skipping Rocks Lab’s water bubble project was created by a group of college students from the UK’s Royal College of Art and the Imperial College of London back in 2013.

The packaging of the edible water pods will biodegrade in 4-6 weeks.

Source: Ooho
The seaweed membrane can be used to hold any liquid from soap to soda and can be made in any color or flavor.

Source: Ooho

Ooho posted:

“Ooho is replacing sachets! Very pleased to be continuing our partnership with Just Eat UK trailing sauces in our seaweed based packaging. Our first 6 week trial with The Fat Pizza has now successfully concluded, and you can look out for us coming to a London takeaway later in the autumn…!”

Producing one bubble creates 5x less CO2 than producing a plastic bottle, and requires 9x less energy.

These edible water pods can be made for just two cents.

Source: Ooho

As stated on their website, they are currently “pioneering the use of natural materials extracted from plants and seaweed, to create packaging with low environmental impact. Their tagline is “we make packaging disappear,” and they mean it.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Lucozade Sport to use Ooho for their sports events. Bye bye plastic! 1st events: Richmond Marathon 16 Sept and Tough Mudder in West Sussex on 29 Sept. #passonplastic”

Watch the video here:

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