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4 Easy Ways To Prevent Pimples During Summer

Don’t let the summer heat stop you from getting perfect skin.

You can always expect things to heat up during the summer. Unfortunately, this could also mean acne breakouts that can ruin your beach style. So is there an easy way to get rid of pimples during the sweltering season? Luckily for you, we found four guaranteed ways to prevent those zits.

Prevention is important so you don’t need to worry about finding a way to hide your blemishes. But what can you do to stop your acne scars from getting darker and more visible? It is important to always wear sunscreen so the sun doesn’t make things worse. In the meantime, here are four easy steps to prevent zits in summer.

1. Fight acne with the right chemicals

Don’t give the pimples the chance to touch your skin. Use salicylic acid cleanser in the morning then gently exfoliate your skin before going to bed. You could also use benzoyl peroxide regularly to kill bacteria that can cause breakouts.

2. Avoid touching your face

You probably heard of this before but people have a tendency to touch their face during summer just to wipe the sweat off their face.

Sweat and dirt could really clog your pores and cause pimples. The best thing to do is always clean your face and hands once you’re feeling sweaty.

3. Use lighter formulas on your face

Some foundations and creams can be quite heavy. It is best to go for a lighter moisturizer during the summer. Your best bet is a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid that will keep your skin hydrated.

4. Get clean immediately after working out

Don’t lounge around in your sweaty activewear because that can cause gross body acne. It is important to get cleaned as soon as you are done with your workout routine. Use a body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide or an antibacterial soap.


Adult Coloring Books Are Actually Great For Your Mental And Emotional Health

The latest strategy in managing stress and anxiety is a total throwback to our kindergarten days.

Within the last decade, adult coloring books have surged in popularity. Although the pictures had changed from the ones when we were still kids, the purpose is still quite the same.

There’s something about coloring that makes someone relax and feel at ease. And while coloring may appear to be childish, book publishers have turned this childhood hobby into something that adults can do as well.

A surprising trend in relaxation products has been the explosion of coloring books for adults.


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4 Shocking Things That Can Happen When You Always Hold In Your Pee

Never miss the chance to go on a bathroom break ever again!

Most people think that holding in your pee is not a big deal. We tend to do this when watching a gripping movie or when we're too engrossed with work. However, avoiding bathroom breaks is one of the things that could be dangerous to your health.

Holding it in all day could have varying results on your body. The bladder tends to stretch when beyond its normal size when you don't relieve yourself regularly. One study even reveals that nurses who held it in all day have bladders that can carry almost twice than normal bladders. Although the nurses haven't reported any illnesses, they could still be at risk of major problems.

Here are 4 things that could happen if you continue to hold in your pee:...

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Best Herbs and Foods To Keep Kidneys Healthy

Detoxifying is important to boost kidney health.


The kidney's vital role is to remove waste product from the body. Thus, keeping our kidneys healthy is critical. Their principal function is to process blood to remove impurities and extra water. This becomes urine that flows to the bladder.

If toxins are not removed properly, it can build up and may cause kidney stones and high blood pressure. Hence, it is crucial to cleanse our kidney regularly to remove toxin and improve urine & kidney function.

Detoxifying our body, especially the kidney, is simple and easy.


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