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18 Hacks To Make Dorm Life Much Easier

Dorm life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be difficult all the time.


Dorm life is one of the most integral parts of college. You have to live outside the comfort of your home, and you have to survive on your own.

Dorm life is hard but it doesn’t have to be difficult all the time. Here are 18 hacks that will make life a little easier for you.

1. Personalize your door, so everyone knows where to find your room.

Source: Instagram
2. Store food and condiments in a shoe organizer for visible and easy access.

Source: Instagram
3. Hang a removable curtain across your room so you and your roommate can have a little privacy.

Source: Instagram
4. With all the gadgets that you and your roommate use, it would be hard to know which cord is yours – so label them.

5. Take advantage of any storage space under your bed.

6. You can’t paint or nail into the dorm walls, but you can still decorate it by using washi tapes instead.

Source: Instagram
7. If you don’t have air condition, you can put a glass of icy water in front of your fan to make the place cooler.

Source: Emily Shwake
8. Use string lights to post your favorite pictures.

Source: Instagram
9. Stay organized by making a wall calendar.

10. Since the dorm closet will be much smaller than what you have in your house, use soda tabs to attach multiple hangers together.

11. Hang blackout curtains to help you get your much-needed rest during the weekend.

Source: Emmy Favilla
12. Since making holes in the dorm walls is not allowed, use adhesive hooks to hang your curtains instead.

13. Make a stand to make it easier for you to read and take notes on your laptop at the same time.

Source: Nifty

To build a bookstand, follow the steps here.

14. Cover your drawers with gift wrappers to add a little color to your desk or dresser.

Source: Instagram
15. Make your space feel more lively by keeping a few plants.

Source: Instagram
16. Make a lavender spray by mixing two cups of water, two cups of rubbing alcohol, and 15-20 drops of lavender oil to help you sleep better.

17. Make a first aid kit.

Source: kcedventures
18. Build an inspiration board to make you feel better when you’re feeling the pressure.

Source: Instagram

Have you tried any of these hacks?

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