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Funny Moment Dog Picks A Treat And Instantly Regrets His Poor Decision

His face says, “I regret everything!”

Have you ever made a decision that you instantly regretted? One adorable dog thought he was getting an awesome treat. However, he immediately discovered that he could have gotten so much more.

The hilarious video opens with the cute Labrador retriever being offered to choose between two hands. He quickly picks the left fist and is rewarded with one treat. However, when the other hand is revealed, his reaction is pure regret.

Guess which one has a treat? That shouldn’t be so hard for this pooch.

The poor pooch found that the other hand contained more than just one treat. He initially looks like he will take all the treats from the hand. However, he remembers that he is a good boy and stops. Instead, he looks away and silently regrets the decision he had made.

The video has gone viral since it was first posted. People couldn’t stop laughing at the dog’s regretful face while others hoped that he still got the treats for being such a good sport.

Some also pointed out that the pup was an exceedingly good boy for not taking the treats from the other hand. Needless to say, this is one adorable pooch that deserves a reward for his self-control.

“What’s this? There’s more?!”

The Lab in the video is actually Instagram famous. His name is Dunkin and he is the subject of the Instagram account Dunkin, Kirby & Co. The sweet pup is noted for his perpetually grumpy look as seen in his photos.

Dunkin is known for his adorable pictures with Kirby, a cheerful Pomeranian. They love performing tricks and share a home with their seven rescue dog siblings.

Although he didn’t get more than just one treat, fans can rest assured that Dunkin is well-loved and gets all the treats he deserves. Keep up with the pooch by following him on Instagram @dunkinandkirby so you’ll always have a reason to smile.

Watch Dunkin’s regretful decision-making below:

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Baby Has Adorable Reaction To Daddy’s New Clean-Shaven Look

She can’t believe he doesn’t have facial hair anymore!

It's no secret that women love beards. However, there comes a time when a man will need to shave. This happened to a young father who needed to clean up for a new job. Unfortunately, his baby daughter wasn't thrilled with daddy's new look.

Little Claire is only seven months old but she has never seen her father without his beard. The adorable baby reportedly loves the beard so much and would always pull on it when playing with her daddy. Not surprisingly, Claire wasn't happy when she realized that her father had shaved his beard.

That adorable little smile confirms how much little Claire loves her daddy's beard.


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11 Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Main Subject

#6 is epic!

Supporting actors receive awards for a reason. They may not be the lead in the movie or television series, but they make things better, and there are times that they steal the show.

Just like these people in the background of photos, for example. The main reason why the snap was taken was not because of them, but they definitely grabbed our attention more.

1. Royal photobomber


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Little Boy Pees During Mom’s Marriage Proposal Video

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Kevin Przytula was ready to take his relationship with Allyssa Anter to the next level and decided to pop the question. However, her young son found a way to make his mark on the occasion.

Kevin had brought along his 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh to film his proposal, which took place in front of a fountain. He wanted it to be a special and intimate moment, with Allysa's son, Owen, included.


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