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Dog Receives Life-Saving Kidney From Her Own Puppy

“This is Elsa’s chance to save her mom!”

Sometimes even doggos need a miracle. A dog was in dire need of an organ donation after her kidneys began to fail. Interestingly, one of the pooch’s own puppy stepped up to save her mother’s life.

Star has always had a difficult life. A few years ago, she was abandoned in a box with her 13 puppies in southern Missouri. Luckily, the pooch and her litter were rescued. Although only nine of Star’s pups survived, they all found loving homes. Star herself was adopted by a St. Louis family after getting treatment for kidney failure.

Star is one truly lucky dog.

Source: Fox News

Star’s owner Shannon Flegle soon realized that the dog’s kidneys are still failing. They were told that the pooch needed a new kidney if she was expected to survive. The desperate Flegle decided to call on the help of another St. Louis family that had adopted one of Star’s puppies.

Jenny Murray had adopted the pup named Elsa and was somehow ready to help. However, she needed to check with the whole family before making a decision. Not surprisingly, Murray’s children immediately agreed because this would mean Elsa would be a hero.

Star and Elsa were brought to the vet together where they seemed to get along well. Although it is unclear if Elsa understood what she was doing for her mother, the dog appeared to comfort Star in her own way.

Elsa’s family gave her an awesome hero’s cape.

Source: Fox News

Elsa’s organ donation was a success and Star received the life-saving surgery. Moreover, both dogs are expected to make a full recovery and are set to “live normal lives.”

It’s an amazing story that is certainly close to miraculous. Star had previously done everything she could to save her puppies. Now Elsa had returned the favor by giving her a kidney that saved the pooch’s life as well.

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‘Manly’ App Allows Men To Add ‘Instant Abs and Muscles’ For Their Selfies

Instead of exercising, some guys are just using this app!

Yes, we all know that having a good-looking six-pack requires a lot of hard work and discipline. But would you jump on the chance to have it in a much easier way?

Apparently, there is one smartphone app out there that allows you to have those sweet, sweet ‘abs’ in no time. However, people are divided about their opinions on it.

The ‘Manly’ app lets men ‘photoshop’ muscles – even tattoos and facial hair – on their selfies so they can look, well, manlier.


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Hairstylist Creates Updated Mullet That People Can’t Stop Talking About

Business in the front, party in the back, with a twist!

Sometimes art is just too weird to understand. A hairstylist has decided that it's time to bring back the mullet and turn it into this year's biggest hair trend. However, his update on the 90s hairstyle is getting mixed reactions.

John Vial is a hairstylist based in London, England. He is the co-founder of Salon Sloane and the man responsible for the interesting new take on the mullet. Although it is unclear what inspired Vial to update the infamous hairstyle, it's clear that his new take on the mullet is becoming popular on the internet.

Would you consider getting this updated mullet?


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“Stop Asking Couples When They Are Having Kids,” Pleads Mom on Facebook

“You never know what’s going on!”

It’s a question that’s often asked with good intentions but comes out wrong in the long run: “When are you having kids?” Ask any couple about it and they’d definitely tell you it’s not an easy one to answer.

In most cases, the answer could be really complicated that couples do not feel comfortable talking about it in public. One mother from Melbourne, Australia took it upon herself to discourage others from asking couples such a personal question.


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