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Doctor Published Fabricated Study 20 Years Ago And It Made Us All Sicker

He falsified facts but got rich for the fabrication.

Medical professionals are supposed to help us get better. However, a doctor only succeeded in making the rest of the world much sicker. He had published a study 20 years ago that was a complete fabrication.

In 1998, Dr Andrew Wakefield allegedly conducted a study with stunning results. It was revealed that there was a connection between autism and vaccines. His “findings” were then published by The Lancet and parents immediately prevented their children from getting vaccinated. Unfortunately, Wakefield’s paper had been a lie.

Vaccines are safe for children yet Wakefield’s study alleged that it is dangerous.

Wakefield’s paper had no control group and was not based on statistics. In addition to that, his findings were based on people’s memories and he has simply made vague conclusions. However, people believed it since it was published by a medical journal.

The doctor actually made money for the study. Wakefield was paid $674,000 from lawyers who sued vaccine makers.

Luckily, the truth eventually came to light as non-believers conducted their own reliable studies. The results revealed that there was absolutely no connection between autism and vaccines.

The Lancet immediately apologized for publishing the study. They also confirmed that they had investigated the matter and found that the doctor had fabricated everything.

An infographic illustrating the vaccination controversy timeline.

Source: Upworthy

It has been 20 years since Wakefield’s fabricated study was made public. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are still skeptical about getting their children vaccinated.

There are still several myths surrounding vaccination. Some believe that vaccines are filled with toxic chemicals that can harm children. Additionally, there are beliefs that vaccines are only being forced on people so that drug companies can make profits. None of these is true since vaccination can actually save millions of lives every year.

It is difficult to reverse the effects of Wakefield’s fabricated claims. Nevertheless, scientists are hopeful that people will eventually accept the results of the new studies and become more open to vaccination.


12 Simple Rules Everyone Should Know By Heart

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Saying "please" and "thank you" or picking up after yourself are things we're all taught from a young age, and they can go a long way with others. But there are some habits we have that, while we may not consider them to be rude, could rub people the wrong way.

Maybe you're someone who's been accidentally pissing people off with your lack of knowledge about certain etiquette. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to impress people with your etiquette skills. Either way, there are some basic life rules we should all know and follow. Here are 12 simple rules everyone should know by heart.

1. If someone else is paying for the meal, do not choose the most expensive menu item.


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People nowadays couldn’t imagine themselves leaving the house without their precious mobile phones. They also feel uneasy going to a meeting without their trusty tablet or laptop.

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Sweet Toddler Hugs Strangers When Told It’s Time To Leave

He made sure to hug as many people as he can before leaving!

We all know someone who can't simply go when it's time to leave a party. They might have to go around the room to say goodbye to each of their friends. However, one toddler took the art of saying goodbye to another level. The adorable kid decided that he should hug everyone in the park when his parents told him it's time to go. That's right, he hugged everyone even if they were strangers!

The heartwarming video was taken by Nick Sasfy. The proud dad and his wife Stephanie had taken the adorable little Jude to the local park. Interestingly, when the toddler learned that it was "time to go bye-bye," Jude decided he shouldn't leave without letting everyone know. So he proceeded to ambush unwitting strangers with surprise hugs.

Jude hugged as many people as he can before leaving the park.


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