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Disney World Is Building Disney Skyliner, An Enchanting Way To Get Around Parks

A whole new “ride” is what Disney World is bringing us.

Imagine traveling the Disney World in a gondola lift system that gives you a spectacular view of the castles with Mickey Mouse beside you. If you’ve thought about it, this will soon become reality in late fall 2019.

Disney World is constructing a new form of transportation to help visitors get around the parks. The theme park has kept mum on when it will be opened, but as reported by Insider, the completion may coincide with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge late next year.

The new transportation system will be called the Disney Skyliner.

Source: Insider

It will be an added attraction for visitors who are used to riding the buses, the monorail, and the ferry boats while on Disney World.

The gondola lift system will be built in true Disney fashion. The gondola cars will be colorfully themed and will showcase the artworks of different characters and attractions. The construction is underway and is evidenced by towers being built everywhere.

Disney Skyliner will link four resorts and two parks by transporting them above treetops for a picturesque view of the entire Disney Resort World.

Source: Insider

The resorts include Disney’s Pop Century, Disney’s Art of Animation, the Carribean beach resort and the new resort Disney Riviera. It will be connected to the Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

A concept art shows the layout between the parks and resorts. Construction can be seen in most areas of the park and the resorts. Stations for the gondolas will be built in strategic locations throughout the 4 resorts and 2 parks. One is at the entrance of the Hollywood Studios and for Epcot, it will be located in the international gateway.

So far, there is no announced completion date of the Disney Skyliner.

Source: Insider

Many visitors are hoping that it will open in time for the much-awaited opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.


‘Truck Surf Hotel’ Offers A Luxury Double-Decker Experience On Wheels

There’s even WiFi, AC, and a full bath in the truck!

Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro saw a different potential of the Mercedes-Benz Actros and turned it into a “Truck Surf Hotel.” The six-wheeler hotel may be inspired by van life, but it is much larger than any camper van.

Daniela and Eduardo converted the truck into a double-decker mobile hotel that takes surf camps to a completely new level. If you think sleeping in a truck sounds like roughin’ it, then you haven’t met a truck like this.


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This Driveable Bugatti Chiron Is Made Out Of One Million LEGO Bricks And 2,300 Toy Motors

Not a toy or a replica – it’s a real driveable car!

No, this car made out of LEGO is not a toy set nor merely a life-sized replica. Actually, it’s a real driveable car.

Sounds hard to believe, you say? Well you’ll be even more surprised as you learn that this Bugatti Chiron is actually made from over one million LEGO bricks and 2,300 toy motors. If that doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will!

It’s an impressive combination of engineering and good old LEGO fun!


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Huawei Busted For Faking Smartphone Selfie With A DSLR

He wasn’t even holding a smartphone!

There is still no smartphone available in the market that can give a camera quality of a full-sized DSLR. So Huawei found a solution to this — just simply fake it.

Huawei is catching up with popularity as many people are switching to their smartphones. Unfortunately, the company still needs a lot of work when it comes to its marketing and advertising campaigns.

Source: Huawei

Huawei Mobile Egypt launched a new advertisement for its Nova 3 smartphone. The selfie snaps in the ad clearly look a bit too good to be true. As it turns out, they actually are....

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