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Honest Photos That Show How Going On A Cruise Can Be Disappointing In Real Life

It’s not all that glamorous!

Traveling on a cruise to gorgeous places many people only see in magazines is a dream come true. The experience is made more wonderful if you get to do it alone (if that’s your thing) or with someone you love.

While a lot of photos show how getting on a cruise ship gives you the ultimate traveling experience, there are also many ugly sides to it. Contrary to the vibrant life you see in blogs and magazines, life out in the water isn’t so glamorous and it can be disappointing.

It's an exciting feeling to board the cruise ship.

Source: Emil
And be off to your dreamy adventure.

But not everything is as it seems.

Annoying passengers are among the disappointing things that you will encounter on a cruise. During your adventure, you’ll meet different kinds of people who will not behave the way you expect them to be.

You’ll also deal with long lines when boarding, especially during peak hours.

Source: Simon Duvall
This looks enticing, yeah?

But how can you find a relaxing spot in all that?

Source: Chris/Flickr
Sure, you can enjoy some jacuzzi time.

But you're not the only one on board who wants the same thing.

A lot of people also think that anyone who’s working on a cruise ship must be leading glamorous lives. But, it’s not all that beautiful.

The cabin crew members usually live in a small, shared room below the deck.

It's truly fascinating to get to see these.

But you'll be lucky to see more than just this.

You could have a spacious, lavish room like this…

Or you could end up with a cramped accommodation.

You could have this beautiful bathroom to relax in…

But many cruise ships have bathrooms like this one.

Without a doubt, going on a cruise is an experience worth remembering. But if you’re really not prepared to deal with the ugly sides, you might want to sit this one out.


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