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Five Times The Happiness: Quintuplets Graduate From College Together

Naturally, their parents are very proud and happy!

A set of quintuplets from Texas recently graduated together from the same university. As a child’s college graduation always delights his or her parents, surely, the joy of Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John Diaz’s parents was multiplied five times as they watched their children walk across the stage to receive their respective college diplomas!

The quintuplets were born in July 1996 at an interval of three minutes after the birth of the other. Growing up, all the five of them attended the same elementary, middle and high school. While they had to stay in adjoining rooms during their first two years in college, they eventually moved together into one apartment until they graduated from their respective four-year college majors at the University of North Texas.

Quintuplets Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John Diaz had been attending school together since they were kids.

Although the quintuplets had different college majors (Biology, Finance, Spanish, Social Communication, and Arts), they were still together in some of their subjects. While some people prefer to do things on their own or with other people, George said that being together helped them survive college.

“We’re so used to being together,” George revealed.

Some people doubted if their parents could send all five of them to college.

According to the father of the quintuplets, the 55-year-old salesman Jorge, people had been wondering how he and his wife, full-time wife Enna, would be able to send their children to college. Hence, with Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John finally walking down the stage to receive their respective college diplomas, Jorge and his wife could not help but feel elated.

Jorge said:

“Watching them graduate was the best feeling any parent can have but multiply that by five. We did it.”

With the five of them all graduating at the same time, they did not only prove skeptics wrong but made their parents proud and happy, too!

“I don’t think I’ll ever be half as happy as my dad was when we graduated. It was always his main goal to get us all through college and he was like, ‘Holy moly, I did it,'” George shared.

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