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This Needle-Less Alternative to Stitches Is the New and Easy Way to Close Surface Wounds

The non-invasive approach prevents further puncturing of the skin.

Open wounds are critical to close and heal as they can cause serious infections. Wound closure devices, like sutures, surgical staples, and skin glues have been helpful in aiding this healing process. However, they also do some damage because of the puncturing and crushing of the skin.

Today, there is a non-invasive alternative to stitches and staples that prevents further damage to the skin. Called the DermaClip, the single-use, needle-less device promotes healthy skin closure and wound healing. It is also simple and easy to use.

The device, made up of two pieces of adhesive joined by a polypropylene bridge, is applied to the edges of the wound and closed by pulling the tabs in opposing directions.

Source: DermaClip

As explained in the DermaClip website:

“By pulling the device closed by the tabs, the angled faces of the polypropylene bridge encounter each other, thus lifting the wound edges. This lifting action puts the viable dermis on each side of the wound back into contact. In other words, the design is intended to create a natural eversion of the skin edges on closure – eversion being the result a skilled surgeon seeks to accomplish, as it is widely believed that wound eversion is essential for minimizing scarring because it maximizes the chance for proper epidermal approximation.”

The non-latex, long-duration adhesive can support wound closure for 7 to 10 days and is gentle on the skin.

Source: DermaClip

It is ideal to use on sensitive, diabetic or geriatric skin. The simple design also allows lesser trained individuals to effectively close wounds, especially during emergency and first-aid situations.

The DermaClip skin closure device has been used successfully in different procedures.

The device can lessen wound closure time and eliminate needlestick risk and skin punctures. It also comes in two sizes (regular and large).

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The DermaClip has been successfully used in cases of cesarean section, mastectomy, adbominoplasty, wound and laceration repair, total hip replacement, skin tears in diabetic and geriatric patients, and pediatric wound closure.


9 Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Two Eggs Daily

#8 will make you add eggs to your daily diet.

Eggs are definitely one of the most popular choices for a good breakfast. However, they also got a lot of hate for their high cholesterol levels. There's a long debate about how healthy eggs are or they're actually dangerous to our health.

While a lot of people are still convinced that eggs are one of the healthiest options out there, others are scared to add them to their diet. But before you totally scratch off eggs from your grocery list, here are the nine benefits of eating a couple of eggs a day.

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Keto Dieters Are Probably Not in Ketosis, Experts Say

It turns out getting into a state of ketosis is more complicated than most of us thought.

The ketogenic diet, more popularly known as keto, is all the rage today. Basically, a keto diet involves consuming more fat and very little carbs. While a lot of dieters seem to be enjoying keto and its supposed weight loss benefits, it was never supposed to be fun.

The keto diet was created to treat severe epilepsy and was only supposed to be administered with the guidance of trained physicians and nutritionists. The strict procedure was necessary to make sure that the patients were monitored and kept in a state of ketosis, where the body switches from using glucose as energy to using ketone bodies from body fat.

It turns out achieving and maintaining ketosis in adults is highly challenging.


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Here’s How Your Grilled Burger Can Put Your Health At Risk

No, we’re not even talking about eating too much burgers!

While there is no denying that hamburgers are mouthwatering, do you know that they can put your life in grave danger? Apart from their high fat content that can affect your health when they are consumed in excess, the grill where they are cooked may just send you in the hospital, too!

Yes, you read it right. The grills where you cook your hamburger patties or barbecues can send you to the hospital. According to home-improvement expert Ron Hazelton, this is especially true when the wire brush you use in cleaning your grill is old, as some of its bristles can break off and get stuck on the grates.

Watch out for those wire bristles!


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