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You Can Flood-Proof Your Home With This Door Dam

Flood protection made easy!

Flooding is always a serious problem that can cause damage of properties and even the loss of lives. Fortunately for us, many of today’s great thinkers are devising solutions to address the problem.

For example, we’ve heard about the Topmix Permeable concrete which is designed to absorb 4,000 liters of water in a minute’s time. On top of that, we’ve also seen Netherlands’ massive Maelanstkering, a storm surge barrier almost the same size as “two tubular Eiffel Towers, toppled over.”

While those are unquestionably effective and amazing, the masses couldn’t help but wonder: What can we do to flood-proof our homes if our communities do not have these technologies?

The answer: Dam Easy!

Source: Dam Easy

Dam Easy’s Flood Barrier Door Dam is being marketed as “the only domestic flood barrier with a unique patented pneumatic pump action seal,” according to its official website. It is ideal for home and commercial protection and the company guarantees that it’s really easy to use.

In fact, the water tight barrier can be installed by anyone – and it only takes about 5 minutes.

Source: Dam Easy

The website further tells us that one barrier has the “ability to extend from 780mm to 1100mm.”

Meanwhile, Dam Easy CEO Brian Mooney shared:

“Our goal at Dam Easy is to create innovative and easy to use products that allow you to protect your home or business as economically as possible from flooding.”

Watch the video here to see how the tech works:

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Interesting tech, isn’t it? If your place is prone to flooding, we say this one is worth the investment. Preparation is key and lack of it can be pretty costly in the long run.

Each of these barriers cost $800 and you can head over to the company’s official website if you want to learn more about the product.


Embarking On The Future With Toyota’s Revolutionary Boat

A futuristic approach to going green.


Global warming and climate change issues are being the buzzwords lately. Because of this, going green and being environment-friendly is becoming the new trend.

In participation of Toyota Motor Europe, Energy Observer launched in 2017 at Saint-Malo, France. Their aim and vision is to make hydrogen as the key to accelerating energy transition.

Energy Observer is the first autonomous eco-friendly hydrogen-powered vessel.


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14 Totally Free Things Offered On The Internet

I didn’t know #13 exists.

The Internet is the best place to turn to for resources - whether you’re in need of a recipe, a book or tools to improve productivity. The wonderful news is that the Internet offers these things for free and anyone can have easy access to them.

Everyone just seems to love free things but not everyone realizes that many of them are found online. Here are 14 free things on the Internet to make your lives better.

#1. Free Therapy


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China Boasts New Star Wars-Style Laser Gun For Their Police Force

Science fiction just became reality!

Aside from the lightsabers, Star Wars most popular weapons are probably the blasters. Han Solo has one and the Stormtroopers do, too. It’s a simple yet iconic weapon that everyone has grown to love. Admit it, you’ve dreamed of blasting those laser guns since you were a kid!

Now authorities over at China no longer have to dream about it since the weapon just became a reality for them. According to reports, the country has developed a new portable laser weapon that can “zap a target from nearly a kilometer away.”

Meet the ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle!


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