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Two Dads Invent Boob-Shaped Baby Bottle To Help Mothers With Easier Feeding Time

The Nanobébé heats breastmilk much faster and is easier to use for infants.

A baby’s feeding time can be time-consuming and difficult for most parents. Luckily, two awesome dads decided to invent a special feeding bottle that can easily warm breast milk and comfort infants.

Ayal Lanternari came up with the idea while trying to feed his son in the middle of the night. The young father thought there might be a faster way to heat the milk so he could feed the baby sooner. Lanternari pitched the idea to his friend Asaf Kehat and the two dads came up with Nanobébé, the feeding bottle shaped like a woman’s breast.

These awesome dads came up with the amazing invention that can help in breastfeeding.

Source: Nanobébé

The Nanobébé’s unique design was made for the parents as well as the baby. The feeding bottle causes the milk to spread out in a thinner layer so it doesn’t need to be heated up. This way, the infant can drink the breast milk sooner rather than wait for it to heat up. In addition to that, the important nutrients in the milk will not be damaged due to prolonged heating.

The bottle’s shape makes it easier for the baby to latch on and drink comfortably. The Nanobébé is also easier to grasp for little fingers. It might also help the infant transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

“Refusal to transition from breast to bottle is a point of concern for many parents upon mom’s return to work or simply when she needs to be away from baby for a period of time,” Kehat said. “Our bottle makes it easier for moms to combine breast and bottle feeding and provides an experience second only to direct breastfeeding.”

The bottle is easy to use and surprisingly affordable.

Source: Amazon

The two dads also designed the Nanobébé so that fathers can participate in feeding their babies while ensuring the child’s comfort.

Nanobébé also boasts of an anti-colic system and a stackable design for easy storage. Each bottle retails for $10.99.

Learn more about the amazing invention below:

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Facebook Will Soon Let Users Add Music To Their Profiles

Remember MySpace and Friendster, anyone?

Facebook is set to introduce a new update that sounds exactly like a blast from the past. According to reports, the social media giant will soon allow its users to add songs to their profiles – which is not very different from past Facebook competitors such as mySpace and Friendster.

In a Mashable report, we learn that the new feature will make it possible for users to add music to their profiles either in a “new dedicated ‘music’ section or at the top of their profile if they choose to pin a song.”


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Company Claims This Chainless Bicycle Is The “World’s Most Efficient” Bike

This chain-free bike “sets a new benchmark in drivetrain technology, increasing optimal efficiency to 99%,” according to CeramicSpeed.

How do you improve a great invention like the bicycle? For one company, it means removing its chains.

CeramicSpeed, a manufacturer of bicycle parts, has teamed up with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Colorado to create an innovative bike that’s being marketed as the “world’s most efficient.”

CeramicSpeed’s concept bike drivetrain Driven is completely chain-free.


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World’s First Personal Hoverbike Now Available For Pre-Order

Princess Leia and Ewoks not included.

The time has come for anyone who dreamt of cruising in a Hoverbike since seeing Return of The Jedi. Hoversurf has created the world's first personal hovering vehicle. It's currently available for pre-order but doesn't come with your own personal Princess Leia or band of Ewoks.

The Hoverbike S3 2019 has a carbon fiber body and looks like a traditional quad bike with four heavy-duty propellers. The model also promises new ergonomics on the pilot's seat so you can sit comfortably at any height. The bike's weight is 114 kg (253 pounds) but it can still hover properly. You can still reach an altitude of 16 feet and go up to the maximum speed of 96 km/h (60 mph or 52 knots).

The world's first Hoverbike will start rolling out in 2019.


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