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Dad Works 3 Jobs So He Can Surprise Daughter With Her Dream Dress

Her reaction is priceless. What an awesome dad!

Good parents will do anything in their power to make their children happy – even if it often means going the extra mile. Take it from this dad who worked extra hard just so he can afford his daughter’s dream dress.

Nevaeha Smith, 14, found the perfect dress for her eight-grade dance at Ringgold Middle School in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. However, she saw the price tag and her heart just dropped. It was worth almost $200!

“I said, ‘Mom, dad, I want this dress,'” Nevaeha shared. “Is it in our price range?”

Her father, 36-year-old Ricky Smith was heartbroken because he knew he couldn’t afford it. “I looked at the price and I was like, ‘Uh, not really sure, but I can see what I can do,'” he said.

Besides, Ricky is juggling three jobs just to make ends meet. He works at McDonald’s, Popeye’s, and Circle K, a local convenience store. Still, the good dad was determined to do everything he can to make her daughter happy.

According to ABC News, Ricky “already worked at least six days a week, and sometimes seven, but he pushed harder, working extra shifts until he had enough money” to afford the floral dress.

When he talked to his wife Kelly Anne about it, she suggested that he surprise Neveaha instead.

And so they did! Kelly took her daughter to McDonald’s and began filming as Ricky approached them, with the dress in tow.

Ricky shared:

“I was working at McDonald’s that day and I put the dress in the back. She came and I brought it out and told her that her grandmother bought it for her and I told her, ‘This ain’t the dress you wanted, but I hope you like it.'”

Admittedly, Nevaeha was a bit disappointed. “I was thinking, ‘This is going to be an old lady dress,'” the teen said. Much to her surprise, it was actually “the dress”.

Watch the video here:

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The video has since gone viral as netizens everywhere were touched by Ricky’s love for his daughter and, of course, Neveaha’s genuine reaction.

“To see the look on her face it was priceless, all I can really do was smile,” said Ricky.

Meanwhile, Neveaha has this to say:

“My heart felt like there was more love in it than there was before. I love him and I’m really happy that’s he’s my father.”


Pilot Flies Her Mother on Her Final Day of Work To Make Her Dream Come True

“As she retires after her glorious 38 years of service, I will be carrying on her legacy.”

It’s a feel good story that definitely touched a lot of hearts. Initially shared on Twitter, we learn about a female pilot who did her best to make her mother feel special on her last day at work.

Ashrrita, a pilot for Air India, shared a photo of her mother’s final day of work and the post has since gone viral, gaining attention from numerous netizens and news sources.

“So happy and honoured to be able to pilot the one flight that mattered,” wrote Ashrrita.


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Homeless Guy Finally Gets Job After Cop Helped Him Shave For Interview

A little kindness can go a long way indeed!

It’s always heartwarming when we see cops going the extra mile and doing good deeds for people. Case in point, police officer Tony Carlson of the Tallahassee Police Department recently achieved viral fame on social media after he helped Phil, a homeless man.

As we learn from the reports, Phil had an upcoming job interview and Carlson made sure he was ready for it by giving him a nice shave. According to Phil, someone from McDonald’s said they’ll hire him if he can appear on the store clean shaven on Monday.

Police officer Tony Carlson found Phil, struggling with his attempts to shave at a gas station.


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Paralyzed Woman Defies Odds By Becoming Celebrated Artist In China

A 40-year-old woman is proving the veracity of the human spirit. Zhang Junli has been paralyzed for over 32 years due to a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. She lost control of 90 percent of her body's joint function at the age of eight. However, Zhang still managed to become one of China's most celebrated artists.

Zhang was born in Shanxi in northern China and was initially an active little girl. However, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was only six years old. After two short years, Zhang was confined to her bed unable to use most of her body. Interestingly, being paralyzed never stopped her from trying to achieve her dreams.

Creating gorgeous paintings can be hard work for the bedridden Zhang but she never lets the difficulty stop her.


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