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Dad Spends Quality Time With Son’s Bully After Learning About His Life

He deserves to be called a father of the year!

Bullying is never acceptable. Many believed that the best revenge is to let the bullies taste their own medicine, and a lot of people resorted to this idea.

But one dad of a bullied boy took a different approach. Instead of retaliating on behalf of his son, he decided to get to know the bully more and discovered something about his life.

When Aubrey Fontenot’s eight-year-old son revealed to him that he was being bullied in school, he knew that he had to do something about it. Since the school didn’t help Jordan with this matter, the dad took it upon himself to solve the issue.

While most parents would angrily march to the school, get mad at the teachers and staff for not helping their child, or even confront the bully themselves, Aubrey decided to spend some time with his son’s bully, Tamarion.

Aubrey reached out to his son’s bully’s parents and asked if he could take the boy out for a nice afternoon drive, and they approved. During the car ride, Aubrey talked to the bully calmly, asking him why he was bullying his son. That’s when he found out that the boy had been bullied before and was lashing it out on Jordan.

Tamarion revealed that the other kids tormented him for having dirty clothes. He shared that his family has financial issues, which is why hey couldn’t afford to buy new outfits for him. Seeing Jordan with nice things probably made him jealous and upset.

While there’s no excuse for bullying, Aubrey couldn’t see the point of punishing the boy. He knew that all Tamarion needed at the time was his help.

Aubrey took his son’s bully to a nearby mall and bought him some clothes and a pair of shoes.

On their way home, Aubrey and Tamarion strengthened their bond by singing along with the radio. And for the first time, Aubrey was happy to see Tamarion flashing a genuine smile.

He later seated Tamarion down with his son to have a conversation about bullying. Soon after, the two boys were already playing video games together.

Aubrey launched a Go Fund Me campaign for Tamarion to help him and his family out. The campaign racked up to $24,210 in just four days.

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Teenager Drives 220 Miles To Deliver Sick Man’s Favorite Pizza

Faith in humanity officially restored!

Some people can truly astound us with their kindness and generosity. A teenager who works at a pizza place decided to break the restaurant's "no delivery" policy for a terminally ill customer. In addition to that, the 18-year-old drove 220 miles just to make sure the sick man could enjoy his favorite pizza.

Dalton Shaffer was working at Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan when he received the call. The man on the other line told the teenager about his son-in-law Rich Morgan, who loved the restaurant's pizza. Although the man only asked if Steve's could send Rich a text or card, Shaffer decided that he should deliver the ill man his favorite pie. He insisted on doing so despite being told that Rich is in Indianapolis or that Steve's does not make deliveries.

The teenager traveled seven hours roundtrip so a dying man could enjoy his favorite pizza.


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Lady Gaga Explains Powerful Reason For Wearing An Oversized Suit In Event

Many thought Lady Gaga’s look was a fail until she explained why she wore it.

Lady Gaga is not a newbie when it comes to making a fashion statement. So when she attended Elle magazine’s “Women in Hollywood” event wearing an oversized Marc Jacobs pantsuit, many thought it was one of her underwhelming choices.

Although many would agree that the baggy suit was quite simple for Lady Gaga, and some even said it was ill-fitting, the meaning behind it may just be her most powerful yet. In her speech, she revealed the meaning behind her fashion choice for the event.


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Teen Gets Rejected And Laughed At Before Prom, Then 13 Girls Ask To Be His Date

“I felt like one of the popular kids in school.”

In a world where social media is a huge part of our existence, “prom proposals” or "promposals" quickly became an "in" thing. Before, asking someone to be your prom date was as simple as asking the question. Now, these moments are being captured on film and shared on several social media platforms.

It certainly takes a lot of guts to ask someone on a date, especially when you’re a shy, not-so-popular high school student who’s never done it before. Dakota Nelson is a sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, and he wanted to ask his friend to the homecoming dance.


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