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Customers Buy Out Bakery’s Entire Stock Every Day So Owner Can Spend Time With Ill Wife

People are not as terrible as you think.

People queued for as early as 4:30 am just to buy donuts in one particular shop. Yes, the fried dough confections of Donut City in Seal Beach, California are delicious, but that’s not the only reason why patrons have been purchasing them by the dozen.

So why are customers in such a hurry to buy out the store? It’s because they want the owner John Chhan to finish his shift and spend time with his sick wife Stella.

John and Stella were owners of Donut City for almost three decades. They are open seven days a week, and would only close the shop once all of their products are sold out. But on a recent visit, customers noticed the 62-year-old man running the shop without his wife. That’s when they found out that Stella was recovering at a nursing facility after she suffered an aneurysm.

The couple came to the United States in 1979 as refugees from their native Cambodia and have been serving donuts ever since.

Knowing that the shop is their bread and butter, John kept working despite Stella’s situation. The only time that he can visit her is when he already cleaned up the store and the donuts are all sold out.

Since John refused financial help through a GoFundMe account, regular customer Dawn Caviola came up with an idea of buying the donuts in bulk so John could go home and see his wife in the hospital.

Dawn said:

“Days went by, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. So I thought, if enough people would buy a dozen donuts every morning, he could close early and go be with his wife.”

People from the community then started to buy all the donuts and croissants as early as possible. In fact, John had to turn down some paying customers because his sweet goods are all sold out.

This sweet gesture allowed John to end work early and spend more time with his wife.


Dramatic Video Shows Fisherman Jumping On Distressed Whale’s Back To Save Its Life

“If we wanted the whale to survive we had to go get it.”

Humpback whales can weigh in at a whopping 40 tons and stretch 50 feet from nose to tail, so you won’t usually see someone splashing around with it. However, one incident was an exception.

After a day of work, commercial fishermen Nicholas Taron and Sam Synstelien decided to head back into Morro Bay. The pair then saw a humpback whale tangled in a rope, clearly in distress, and they just couldn’t leave the poor creature alone.


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Manny Pacquiao Brought People To Tears With Rags-To-Riches Story At Oxford University

“Being poor does not mean one must die poor.”

Last November 5, 2018, Manny Pacquiao spoke before students at the University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Considering his humble beginnings, Pacquiao has become an inspiration for a lot of young generation to work hard and reach for their dreams.

Some people may not know this, but the People’s Champ dropped out of school back in his youth because of extreme poverty. With perseverance and hard work, he is now one of the wealthiest people in the Philippines.


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Flight Attendant Breastfed Passenger’s Hungry Baby In-Flight

As a flight attendant and young mother, she went above and beyond her usual job description!

All mothers are special, but moms who are willing to help other parents deserve a little more praise. A flight attendant went beyond her usual job description when she decided to aid a desperate mother and her baby. She actually breastfed the infant when the helpless mom ran out of formula milk.

Patrisha Organo is a Philippine Airlines crew member who was scheduled for a check flight to be qualified as a Cabin Crew Evaluator. The young mom believed that the flight was going to be special because she was moving forward in her career. Interestingly, there was another reason why the flight was different.

Flight attendants can feed you as well as your baby!


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