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‘Crying Statue’ Of The Virgin Mary In Argentina Sheds Tears Of Blood For The 38th Time

“I always tell people that this depends on faith, not on us.”

A clip of the statue of the Virgin Mary in Argentina showed it weeping tears of blood. In the video, the figure known as the Virgin of the Mystic Rose can be seen with what appeared to be blood rolling down its eyes.

The statue is owned by the Frias Mendoza family, who live in San Jose de MetanSan. The “miracle” garnered a lot of attention from people, since the discovery last year. Now, people have flocked to their home to witness the crying Virgin Mary statue as it shed tears of blood for the 38th time.

The Frias family is said to have come into possession of the miraculous statue more than eight years ago after Rosana Mendoza Frias miscarried a baby. The Virgin Mary first “wept” in April 2017, when a blood-like liquid appeared on the statue’s face. It “cried” for three consecutive days.

Rosana shared that shortly after they posted “crying” Mary’s picture on social media, a crowd of 7,000 people gathered at their house.

She said:

“I always tell people that this depends on faith, not on us, as we do nothing, we only open our doors so that they can come here to pray, and through her, God will perform a miracle.”

While part of the Catholic world seems inspired by the Virgin of the Mystic Rose, it has – like all of the many statues that people have claimed are crying – attracted its fair share of skeptics.

Priest Julio Raul Mendez had previously cautioned the locals into jumping into conclusion as the Catholic church would still have to thoroughly investigate the statue before it can be officially called a true miracle.

He said:

“The first thing the church does is to do a scientific analysis to see if there is a natural explanation. Only then, the possibility of a supernatural phenomenon is considered.”

Watch the video here:

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Talented 2-Year-Old Performs Irish Jig Without Missing A Step

The cutest little Irish dancer with a flawless dance routine!

Most toddlers can barely sing along with Baby Shark. However, a talented two-year-old showed off her moves by performing an Irish jig after a funeral. Amazingly, she doesn't even miss a single step.

The adorable toddler is shown performing alongside another woman. However, it's clear that the two-year-old is the star of the show. She easily does the Irish jig without missing a step. In addition to that, she clearly remembers the dance steps and when to clap.

The cute toddler clearly knows the dance steps by heart.


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Man Discovers A Family Of Mice In His Garden, Builds Them A Miniature Village

The cutest tiny village for an adorable little family!

What would you do if you found a family of mice living in your garden? One photographer decided to create a wonderful home for his tiny neighbors. He has built an adorable little village that would make any mouse feel like a king.

Simon Dell discovered that he shared his garden with one little mouse at first. Instead of immediately getting rid of the tiny rodent, he fetched his camera and began taking photos of the mouse. From there, the photographer decided he would make his furry tenant feel comfortable. This is when he began making a shelter filled with food for the mouse.

This lucky mouse has an adorable little village to share with his family.


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Stranger Interrupts Boy Ignoring Parents To Play ‘Fortnite’ With Amazing Message

It’s a great advice for every family in any situation.

Sometimes the most profound advice comes from unexpected sources. A stranger decided to approach a family having a nice meal at a restaurant. The family happened to have a boy who was ignoring his parents because he was too busy playing Fortnite. Interestingly, the man had a lot to say to the young man.

The video shows the family sitting down for lunch at a restaurant. However, the boy is too focused on his Fortnite game to pay attention to his parents. Not surprisingly, the other customers try to help the mom and dad in dealing with their child. They give various advice on how to make the young man listen to them.

The parents struggle to take the boy's attention away from his game.


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