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Couple Turns Old Hovis Lorry Into Luxury Mobile Home

Very impressive!

It may appear to be just like a regular yellow Hovis lorry, but this bread truck hides a fantastic secret. The five-ton lorry has been completely revamped to become a luxury mobile home by adventurers Martin Hill and Iona Stewart.

The young couple from Nottingham, UK, who met while snowboarding in the French Alps, spent £20,000 (about $25,900) renovating the lorry into a 28-feet home to live in while they travel Europe. Today, the truck has been fitted out with a luxurious bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom.

The pair said they use the vehicle while enjoying the snowboarding season, as it works out cheaper than most accommodation. But the mobile home has proved so comfortable that Martin has now sold his house and bar in Nottingham to live in it full-time.

He said:

“About four years ago after a few too many beers, I thought about buying a big American RV. We bought the lorry in May this year. We spent four months working on it full-time. We are really lucky not to have to work, and we did everything ourselves. It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it.”

They bought the yellow Hovis lorry on eBay for a mere £3,600 (approximately $4,670). The former landlord said he did most of the laboring while Iona, a chef from Scotland, designed the interior.

Pictures, which have been shared and liked thousands of times on social media, show the couple has created a split-floor kitchen and living area, bedroom and ensuite. The storage space has been carefully planned so that the couple can fit all their belongings there

Although from the outside, it doesn’t look anything special, the inside of the truck has been transformed into a cozy and comfortable home. The mobile house is fully furnished and has everything Martin and Iona might need.

Home & DIY

The Best Air-Filtering Houseplants According To NASA

These awesome plants will help remove toxins from the air around you.

Although we cannot see it, the air around us is filled with toxins. This is why NASA decided to look for the best plants that can filter toxic agents in our environment. Interestingly, their findings revealed that most common houseplants are effective at detoxification.

Our homes and offices are usually filled with airborne toxins from everyday items. Formaldehyde can be found in paper bags and synthetic fibers while trichloroethylene is produced by printer ink and paint. However, there is a natural way to remove these toxins. Here are 18 of the best air-filtering houseplants.

1. Chrysanthemum morifolium (Florist’s Chrysanthemum)


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How To Get Rid of Phone Scratches Using Household Items

Before bringing your device to a repair shop, here are some quick fixes to try!

Got scratches on your mobile device? While getting a screen replacement is always the most effective solution, it’s certainly not the cheapest. For example, you have to pay $29 at Apple or around $129 to $149 if your warranty is already expired.

So before bringing your phone to the repair shop, you may want to try these quick fixes for your phone scratches, both on the display and the casing. Read on and you just might thank us for saving you some money!

1. Toothpaste


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10 Easy DIY Ideas To Do In Your Backyard

Make your backyard look good without breaking the bank!

Everyone wants a beautiful backyard, but hiring a landscape designer can get pretty expensive. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make your backyard look awesome without spending a lot of money.

DIY projects are not only fun but the results of your handwork and perseverance can be very satisfying. Here are ten easy ideas to do to finally create the backyard of your dreams.

1. An outdoor bench made from wooden bars


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