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Couple Adopts Baby Squirrel After Mom Left Her In A Man’s Bed

“I don’t know what she thinks she is, but it’s definitely not a squirrel.”

There are so many things that we could find in our beds — a lost earring, coins, hair strands, etc. But one man found something that you don’t see every day in your bedroom — baby squirrels!

Wildlife rehabilitators Christina and Michael are used to strange callouts, but one call was especially unusual. It all started when a man had left his house one day to run some errands. When he returned, he found that a mother squirrel made a nest on his bed for her two baby squirrels.

Christina speculated that the squirrel family’s original nest was ruined due to construction work going on nearby and the pregnant mother climbed up the building, getting in through the window into the apartment to give birth to her babies.

Christina and Michael’s main goal was to give the babies to their mother, but she was all caught up finding more things for the nest.

Although the mom kept returning with materials to rebuild the nest, she eventually stopped coming back to her offsprings.

While most people would put the babies outside, hoping that their mom would finally return for them, Christina and Michael felt that the mom might not come back at all and decided to take the babies with them. Unfortunately, only one of the baby squirrels survived.

The couple adopted the baby squirrel after a local wildlife vet said that it would not survive on her own. Christina and Michael then named her Thumbelina because she was so tiny.

Two years later, Thumbelina grew up to be an adorable furry pet. Since she had no interaction with other squirrels all her life, she didn’t know how to act like one, nor was she interested in doing anything with them.

Whether she was born this way or affected by the early trauma, she lacked basic squirrel survival skills like climbing and jumping, and in general, didn’t behave like a squirrel at all.

One of them said: “I don’t know what she thinks she is, but it’s definitely not a squirrel.”


Black Friday Should Be Banned, According to Millenials

Should Black Friday be cancelled already? Yes or No?

Yearly after Thanksgiving, a lot of people are anticipating one thing – the Black Friday sale. It’s that time of the year when stores are offering many of their products in massive discounts.

In the United States, for example, consumers are willing to camp outside stores and endure long lines during what many believe as the “busiest shopping day of the year.” Along with that, critics are also bashing the annual tradition, saying it only promotes mass hysteria. Besides, accidents and even deaths are reported each year during Black Friday.


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Viral Christmas Ad Made For Only £50 Leaves Viewers In Tears

It’s proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune if you have an excellent idea.

Who says you have to spend millions of dollars to create an advertisement that will touch lives? A Christmas ad has gone viral for its heartwarming message about the holiday season. Interestingly, its creator only spent £50 ($64) on the short but sweet commercial.

The video was created by Phil Beastall of Gloucestershire, South West England. It starts off with a man counting down the days before Christmas by marking his calendar. There's nothing special to see at first but things change when the man takes out an old Walkman and begins listening to a cassette tape marked "Christmas 2014".

The Walkman that made thousands cry.


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Man Finds $7.5 Million In Storage Unit He Bought For $500

There’s lucky, and then there’s REALLY lucky.

It takes a lot of guts to buy a storage unit that you have no idea what’s inside for $500. However, some people would take the risk of finding useless junk inside in hopes of uncovering some hidden treasures.

While most storage unit buyers rarely get their money’s worth, one man found the discovery of a lifetime. The really lucky man bought a storage unit from Dan Dotson, and auctioneer of the popular reality televisions series "Storage Wars," and found $7.5 million inside a safe.


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