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Cops Probed Thai Caveman After Boasting Romantic Encounters With Backpackers

This is strange.

A minor internet personality in Thailand known for living in a cave on Koh Phangan suddenly blew up in popularity after sharing the story on how he managed to invite a Russian woman back to his humble abode. Chatupoom Losiri, who is more popularly known as “The Cave Man 2018” online, posted his recent encounter on Facebook and had since gone viral.

He became a local sensation after he began to document his holistic and off-the-grid lifestyle on Koh Phangan, the island which hosts the full-moon party. Losiri detailed the moment he wooed the young woman to his home in a shocking Facebook post.

Losiri wrote, translated from Thai by Coconuts Media:

“I said to her, ‘You interrupted me. I was riding my motorbike home, but because of your beauty, I had to turn around. I needed to talk to you and find out if you’re beautiful on the inside as well.

She laughed, and after talking to her a bit more, I found out that she was from Russia and this was her last day on Koh Phangan. So I told her: ‘Then this is your last chance to get to know me. We have to find a beautiful place to sit and talk.

She hesitated because I was just a stranger in her eyes. She said, ‘I’m not sure. You might be dangerous.’ I smiled and replied, ‘That’s true. I know how you feel. You’re in another country, far from your home and a strange man is inviting you to go with him. Not to worry, I’m not dangerous. And the place I’m taking you to is not remote. If you feel uneasy, you can shout out for help.’

When she heard that, she said yes and hopped onto the back of my bike.”

The story progressed into a steamy, romantic setting back to his beach-side home but the caveman insists he didn’t even kiss the woman. Despite some hailing the caveman as an idol, others have branded his courting technique as “creepy.”

Then, just hours later, Losiri posted another photo but this time with a different woman who is shown sleeping in his bed. For those who have been following Losiri’s social media account, this wasn’t a surprise at all.

As it turned out, his posts have mostly been about the many Western women who he had invited to his cave, long before his post with the Russian woman went viral.

Authorities later admitted the lothario had not broken any laws, and no complaints have been made against him but noted that it’s “precarious and risky” for women to go into the cave.

Losiri insisted that he did nothing wrong and that the women who visited his cave did it with their own free will.


Teen Miraculously Survives 49 Days At Sea In A Fishing Hut

This story reminded me of Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away.”

This shocking tale of an Indonesian teenager is definitely one of the most extraordinary human survival stories in modern history. Aldi Novel Adilang has managed to keep himself alive for 49 days while floating adrift in a flimsy hut for thousands of kilometers across the Pacific Ocean.

After spending nearly one-and-a-half months adrift at sea on a small fishing hut, Aldi has been rescued by the Panamanian vessel MV Arpeggio. The 19-year-old was swept out to sea while working as a lamp keeper on a floating fish trap, locally referred to as a rompong, on which he had worked since the age of 16, according to his father.


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Motorcycle Rider Throws Woman’s Trash Back Into Her Car

She threw her garbage on the road – and she learned her lesson right away!

It’s always satisfying whenever we see terrible people getting a dose of their own medicine. Such can be said about this short video which recently went viral on Chinese social media. In the footage, we see a female motorcycle rider throwing garbage back into a woman’s car.

The motorcyclist has since gained a lot of praises and support for her heroic deed. Clearly, she thought the woman a lesson she probably won’t forget anytime soon.

According to reports, the incident happened in Beijing, China.


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Newly-Erected Skyscraper In China Looks Very Familiar

We really don’t need to explain what that is supposed to look like so just watch the video instead.

A skyscraper in China is gaining more popularity than any building could ever get right now. While the initial intent behind the newly-opened Media Center in Guangxi was to model the terraced landscape that the southwestern province is famous for, media and locals spotted a somewhat unfortunate resemblance.

The new Guangxi New Media Center is garnering attention due to the structure and the shape of the building. The skyscraper has become the butt of all jokes because of its resemblance to the male genitalia. Yes! The building looks like a penis and a pair of testicles.


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