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Colorado’s Cliffside Shop Is The World’s Most Remote Pop-Up Shop

Now that’s a unique shop!

The climbers of the Eldorado Canyon in Colorado were surprised to find a remote “pop-up shop” hoisted on the face of the Bastille wall. Somehow, it has become a welcoming sight and a delightful resting place for weary climbers.

The idea of the pop-up store is among the newest in the retail marketing industry. In fact, its not like any other.

Two companies dared to aim higher than the rest.

The Work in Progress, a creative agency, came up with the concept and collaborated with 37.5 Technology which supplies advanced textile materials for adventurers. The idea of having a Cliffside Shop into the well-known Bastille Crack was made by the latter.

Only the well-prepared climbers can overcome the route which was rated 5.8 for its overall challenge.

dding to the difficulty of the climb are the harsh climate conditions such as the rain, wind, and temperature fluctuations.

All these factors make the climb more difficult.

Meanwhile, the shop is manned single-handedly by WIP VP and experienced climber Dave Bywater.

The friendly man handing blankets, sweatshirts, socks, and other warming gears was awarded as Employee of the Month after the risky feat and great deed. He was up there from sunrise to sunset for two days, popping up his head to warmly greet the chilling climbers and offer assistance. He served 70 people who were on their journey to the top.

It is for a cause.

The event raised $15,000 which were distributed among three organizations who work for the conservation of the Eldorado Canyon State Park, for the improvement of the local climbing route, and for the awareness campaign on public land preservation.

Creative Director Matt Talbot of Work in Progress hinted that there may be more pop-up stores in the extremest and remotest locations in the near future.

Watch the video here:

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The Unsolved Mystery Of Poland’s Crooked Forest

Is it gravity, man-made, or work of aliens?


In the small town of Gryfino in Poland, lies one of the world’s unanswered mystery. The eerie and strange woodland earned its nickname due to the curved bases of around 400 pine trees surrounding the forest.

The bizarre area is locally known as Krzywy Las. The trees bend towards the north and form a “C” shape before growing straight up. They grow up to 50 feet in height and are basically healthy apart from their curved bases.

Several theories have come up to explain the mysterious appearance of the crooked trees.


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10 Heart-Shaped Natural Formations Around the World

There is, literally, a heart in nature.


Heart-shaped designs, landscapes, and architecture often create the most beautiful sceneries. Heart shapes become even more special when they are part of natural formations.

If you are a fan of the heart shape, you will find these landscapes fascinating. Here are 10 beautiful heart-shaped formations that will make you love nature.

1. Heart-Shaped Mangrove, New Caledonia


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9 Mesmerizing Pink Lakes Across The Globe

Colors are the smile of nature. -Leigh Hunt


Bodies of water are usually marked blue in a map but Mother Nature likes to pull tricks on us. Some of them she has turned pink. Awesome, right?

The presence of algae that creates carotenoids like Dunaliella salina is the cause of the change in color in lakes. Oftentimes, it changes the water into red or pink. Take a look at these pink lakes and enjoy their beauty.

1. Lake Hillier, Australia


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