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Chinese Police Busts Criminal Gang Selling Fake Durex Recycled From Used Condoms


Chinese authorities busted a counterfeit-condom ring running perhaps one of the most unique salvage operations known to man. The gang made $7 million in recycling used condoms and selling them as new to motels, supermarkets, and vending machines.

Police have arrested 17 people and seized more than 500,000 boxes of counterfeit condoms in a crackdown in Eastern and Central China. The fake rubbers are packed in boxes printed with major brand names like Durex and Okamoto.

Police said the counterfeits posed a threat to public health because of their high levels of heavy metals.

Zheng Xidan, from Cangnan police, said:

“We found the workshops where the suspects made those condoms in rural areas in Henan and Hebei. They were very simple and crude. The hygienic conditions in those villages were very bad. We saw the condoms they were making – they blended the condoms with silicone oil in a bucket. It was totally below official manufacturing standards.”

Chinese condom maker Chen He said:

“Normally the making of condoms, categorized as a medical device that has direct contact with the human body, involves sterilization and electronic tests for holes and thin spots. But in those illegal workshops, which are often very dirty, it’s unlikely they have the right methods to control the bacteria and fungi level or test for holes. The machines are quite expensive, and I don’t think they would bother to buy them. Some of those cheap condoms are even recycled from used ones.”

While the fakes were found to contain fungi, thin patches, and holes, retailers apparently couldn’t resist a bargain – the gang sold them wholesale for 14 cents per pack, a bargain compared to $22 for the real thing.

Condom counterfeiting is a big business in China. More than ten similar cases have passed through Henan courts since 2014. The defendants who have been found guilty have received sentences of up to four years.


Teenagers Are Setting Themselves On Fire For Likes In New Social Media Challenge

This is the most dangerous social media challenge to date!

Social media challenges are certainly an easy way to boost your popularity, but at what cost? Teenagers are currently setting themselves on fire as part of a dangerous new trend. Unfortunately, most of these children are ending up in the hospital with severe burns and life-threatening injuries.

The Fire Challenge is the new social media craze that is gaining popularity. It was inspired by YouTuber 1BlazinEagle1, who recorded a 2012 video of being doused in alcohol and setting his chest hair on fire. The video has already earned thousands of likes, inspiring aspiring social media stars to copy the act.

The latest social media challenge is ridiculously dangerous yet teenagers keep trying it.


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Indonesian Teens Get High on Drinking Water from Boiling Sanitary Pads

This is making me nauseous.

Some people will go to great lengths just to get a buzz on. In fact, it seems that no matter how gross or outright disgusting a practice is, there are people out there who will still give it a go if it presents even the slightest chance of getting high.

Just take some of these Indonesian teens, for example. Apparently, they have found a new way to get high. And no, it’s not drugs or alcohol but something you would never expect. Their new “drug” of choice is actually sanitary pads! Yes, the ones women use during their menstruation!


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New Zealand Town For Sale For Less Than Most NYC Apartments

Why settle for a little apartment when you can purchase an entire town?

Are you looking for a new home with an amazing view and plenty of space? You might want to consider moving to New Zealand. An entire town in the South Island is currently up for grabs for a cool $1.8 million. That's considerably cheaper than a high-rise apartment in New York City.

Lake Waitaki Village in Waitaki, Otago was built in the 1930s to house dam workers in the area. However, the New Zealand town was abandoned in the 1980s, leaving behind a colorful property by the lake. The location has a "refurbished main Lodge with owners accommodation, reception area, billiards room, and formal lounge." Its idyllic spot places you between the mountains and the scenic Lake Waitaki.

Ready to buy your own little town in New Zealand?


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