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China Boasts New Star Wars-Style Laser Gun For Their Police Force

Science fiction just became reality!

Aside from the lightsabers, Star Wars most popular weapons are probably the blasters. Han Solo has one and the Stormtroopers do, too. It’s a simple yet iconic weapon that everyone has grown to love. Admit it, you’ve dreamed of blasting those laser guns since you were a kid!

Now authorities over at China no longer have to dream about it since the weapon just became a reality for them. According to reports, the country has developed a new portable laser weapon that can “zap a target from nearly a kilometer away.”

Meet the ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle!

Source: via SCMP

A South China Morning Post article tells us that the weapon “produces an energy beam that cannot be seen by the naked eye” which can cause “instant carbonization” of human skin and tissues.

Furthermore, a scientist said that this laser gun is capable of “burning through clothes in a split second” which means the person wearing a flammable fabric will be set on fire.

“The pain will be beyond endurance,” added the researcher who participated in the weapon’s development and field testing at Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics.

The weapon has often been compared to the blasters used in the Star Wars movies.

Source: LucasFilm

The 15mm caliber laser gun, similar to an AK-47, has an 800-meter range. The weapon is now being prepared for mass production and will initially be distributed to the Chinese Armed Police anti-terrorism squads.

Meanwhile, another researcher remarked that because the firearm uses invisible frequency and is completely soundless, “nobody will know where the attack came from. It will look like an accident.”

Built by tech company ZKZM Laser, the ZKZM-500 can fire over 1,000 shots and is powered by a recheargable lithium battery pack.

Source: via SCMP

Currently, the company is looking for a partner to begin production and it is estimated that each unit will have a price tag of 100,000 yuan (US$15,000). ZKZM Laser assures production will be closely monitored to ensure that only Chinese police and military get the weapons.


Student Invents ’Airbag’ That Automatically Protects Your Phone When You Drop It

This is the end of cracked phone screens!

Dropping your precious smartphone and seeing its screen cracked can be a big headache. Although there are possible solutions to the problem, prevention, as they say, is always much better than cure.

This is exactly what we get from a groundbreaking invention that recently gained viral attention online. 25-year-old Philip Frenzel, a master’s student from Germany’s Aalen University, created a “smartphone airbag” that saves your device from damage when you drop it.

The “mobile airbag” (or “active damping” case) detects when your phone is falling.


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Pitu App Is Harvesting A Lot Of Your Personal Data, Experts Warn

Love editing photos using Pitu? You might want to think twice!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Pitu-edited photos on social media lately. While the images are undoubtedly fun and entertaining, tech experts actually have something to say about the Chinese app.

Actually, according to IT Engineer Patrick Jhan Fababeir, Pitu does more than allow you to edit and animate your selfies easily. If you will look at the app’s settings, you will discover something suspicious about it.

Apparently, photo animation and editing app Pitu does more than edit your pictures.


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Emirates Envisions Windowless Planes To Be The Future Of Flying

Windowless planes would reduce costs for airlines and consumers due to lower fuel consumption.

Would you travel on a windowless plane? Emirates has been experimenting with new technology and you could find yourself booking a flight with a virtual window seat in the future.

It might sound like a nightmare for those who have claustrophobia, but a new design from the airline plans to remove windows from aircraft. This idea was already tested in Emirates’ Boeing 777 last year with its first class cabin, where it has virtual windows in the middle suites.

The "windows" use real-time fiber-optic camera technology to provide virtual views of the outside world....

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