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Children Fight Off Monster Snake With Sticks To Rescue Pet Dog In Dramatic Video

Amazing rescue!

On a regular day, we would run as fast as we can when we see even just a small snake — so how much more if it’s a huge one? However, three young boys were left with no choice but to face the enormous limbless reptile when they saw it making a meal out of their pet dog.

A shocking video showed a terrified dog barking as it was desperately trying to wriggle away from the deathly grip of a huge snake. The boys can be seen wrestling the snake using sticks and a metal table leg, but it repeatedly clenches its jaws and tightens its grip around the dog.

One of the boys then tried to hit the snake with a pole multiple times for it to leave their pet alone. The other boys attempted to distract the reptile by throwing some leaves from the ground at it.

They then grab the snake by both ends, pulling in opposite directions to weaken its hold on the dog.

You can hear the sound of distress not only from the scared pooch but also from the boys who were getting more and more concerned about their pet’s situation.

Eventually, the boys managed to succeed in unraveling the huge the snake off their dog.

The canine appeared unhurt by the assault. As for the serpent, its fate is unknown. It is also unclear when and where it happened, but the dramatic video has been shared multiple times online this week.

Many praised the boys for their bravery. One social media user wrote: “The poor dog – he was absolutely terrified. Well done those children!” Another viewer posted: “The things we would do for our furry friends, very brave of the lads, delighted to see the dog escaped unharmed.”

Watch the video here:

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11 Shocking Things You Thought Were Illegal But Aren’t

#10 is just crazy!

It would be impossible to remember every single law, so most people use common sense to determine what is likely to be illegal. Whether you are a completely law-abiding citizen, or you’ve been known to jaywalk every once in a while, you are going to find this list quite compelling.

There are so many things out there that we thought were harmless and legal, but they're actually not, and vice versa. Here are 11 things that you thought were illegal but actually aren’t.

1. Having a monkey for a pet


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Man Spends 273 Hours Bringing Lawn Back To Life Using Antique Mower

His lawn looks like something you would expect to find behind an extravagant mansion!

A lot of people wouldn’t know what to do with a de ad lawn. Some might just give up on it and hire a professional to decide how to fix it. Luckily for Keith Smith, who had a de ad lawn dilemma, he is the professional.

Keith enjoys maintaining lawns. He’s a groundskeeper at the Edgbaston Golf Club, after all, where he keeps the grass trimmed and healthy. After completing his duty at the course, he uses hid time to fix his own back garden.


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City in Spain Has Banned Cars Since 1999 and Residents Describe It As A ‘Paradise’

Road accidents have been eliminated, air pollution have been greatly reduced.

With heavy traffic being a serious public concern in most major cities across the world, one city in Spain has successfully eliminated the problem by coming up with a unique solution – by getting rid of cars altogether!

It may sound unbelievable to some but its true. Since 1999, the city of Pontevedra has banned cars and it has so far worked for them.


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