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Brothers Scare Parents Who Were Busy On Their Phones With Hilarious Prank

Well, that got their attention.

Kids would do anything to get their parents’ attention. However, there are cases when they don’t get the reaction that they want. Sometimes they would only get a nod, a faint smile, or even get scolded.

Two brothers, however, risked the consequences just to get their parents’ attention who were busy on their phones. The siblings gave their mom and dad quite a scare with their hilarious prank.

Parents are understandably busy everyday juggling work, being a husband or a wife to their better half, and being a parent. Add technology to the equation and their time gets even more divided.

While there’s nothing wrong with using a mobile phone, most people tend to lose track of time (or even lose focus on people) when using it. So to bring their parents back to the real world, the two brothers decided to prank them.

The funny 22-second clip started with the younger brother laying down on the floor facing up, while the parents were looking at a mobile phone, possibly watching a video. The older brother then stepped in and covered the little one with a blanket.

Although the mom and dad were aware that the brothers were doing something on the floor, even glancing at them at one point, they were so captivated with what they were watching on the mobile phone that they didn’t even bother to ask what the siblings were doing.

Little did the parents know that they were going to have a mini heart attack in the next few seconds. The older brother made some little hand gesture like a magician at first, and then the younger brother appeared to have levitated under the blanket.

Both parents jumped, and the dad quickly stood up to take the blanket off his younger son, only to realize that the boy has changed his position and pushed himself up to appear that he was floating.

Watch the video here:

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Basketball Fan Caught Staring At Emily Ratajkowski By His Own Son

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, you have to risk it all!”

Sometimes there are things that are more important than a game. A basketball fan recently discovered that as he found himself just a few feet away from Emily Ratajkowski. The man couldn't help but stare at the model's assets and was immediately caught by his own son.

The awesome photo was taken during the game between the LA Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Paparazzi had spotted Emily Ratajkowski close to the court and had snapped several pictures. One of the images shows a man clearly enjoying the view and completely ignoring his son, who couldn't help but grin at his father's reaction.

Can you really blame him, though?


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30 Epic Design Fails That Are So Hilariously Bad

If #27 happens, run!

You don't have to be an expert in design to know that something is totally messed up. These errors are so hard to miss that you can’t believe they’re actually out there for people to see.

With that said, everybody loves poking fun at other people's mistakes. Here are 30 epic design fails that are so bad, it’s hilarious.

1. Probably not the best color for a bike saddle.


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Silly Cat Messes With Wrong Rat, Instantly Regrets It

The tables have definitely turned for this poor cat!

Sometimes you just have to be careful about who you mess with. A silly cat discovered this the hard way when it tried to bully a random rat on the street. Needless to say, the rat fought back and the feline immediately regretted its decision.

The video was taken on the streets of Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg. It starts off with the cat watching its target from across the street before giving chase. There is a moment when the feline hesitates, possibly reconsidering its decision to go after the rat. Nevertheless, it continues and attempts to pounce on its unsuspecting victim.

This story should end in a certain way but there's an awesome plot twist.


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